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Face it, every so often, you’re going to need to restore your roof, as well as repair it, or at the worst-case scenario, replace it altogether. That’s where the best roofers in all of the Sunshine Coast area come into play, but we’ll get into that in a little bit. For now, let’s take a look at some information to consider when it comes to roof restoration, shall we?

Too Many Repairs

After a while, your roof is going to start deteriorating, because just like a vehicle, they’re not meant to last forever. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to minor details that you may have not considered. If you’re frequently needing to have little bits and pieces fixed on your roof, or continuous recurring leaks in different areas, it may be time to renovate and restore your roof. This will ensure that it all gets repaired or replaced all at once, and thus it will increase the lifespan of your entire roof. Generally, roofs will last about 10-20 years (or more depending on the material), but this also has a lot of factors that can cause it to last less and less time.

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It’s important to consider the elements that are affecting your roof too. Tree branches that are hanging overhead or nearby can be causing constant damage to your roof, and these all need to be maintained before you even consider repairing and restoring your roof. Not only that, but you need to regularly inspect your roof and have it checked for things like mold, which could end up being a tragedy for your house as well as you and your family’s health.

When Should Your Roof Be Restored?

Your roof may need to be restored if you’re constantly seeing broken tiles, algae (moss), dirt and grime, or any signs of mold. You’ll also want to make sure you check the caulking, seals around vents, and if the flashing is compromised as well, which can cause a lot of problems. Be sure to check for leaks both inside and outside. You may not see it on the outside of your home, but they can still be existent. Also, make sure that you look for bulked up insulation. This can be a sign that you have a leak somewhere. Of course, it’s also important to find out if you have any light shining through your roof.

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As we mentioned earlier, the Sunshine Coast region has one of the best roofers around, so that is a major plus. Dragon Roof Restoration is a team of roofers that combined have years of experience, and they’re fully equipped to handle the job while following all of Australia’s requirements, no matter whether you have a roofing job that is for a home, business, or even an industrial and medical building. It’s important that you realize also that every person that calls Dragon Roofing doesn’t just get the job done and go, they even offer a 10-year warranty on their highest-quality roofing materials, and want you to feel like you’re a partner to their business and not just another customer.

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