Roasted Onions Recipes

Roasted Onions Recipes

Today we discuss about roasted onions recipes .Crunchy onion rings are one of the fried foods that most love the little ones (and also many of the not so small, among which I include myself) and that is usually served in the fast food establishments themselves. So here we will learn how to make them homemade, they will always be better than any fast food place. You can read also Oven Chicken Recipe .Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

Roasted Onions Recipes

INGREDIENTS for 4 people:

  2 medium onions

 250g of flour

A teaspoon of sweet pepper

 1 tablespoon chemical yeast, Royal type

 bread crumbs


 Olive oil


FRESH Roasted Onions Recipes

1.- Peel the onion and remove the first layer, which is a bit hard. Cut it into thin slices, from bottom to top of the onion and 1 cm thick, so that they remain in the shape of a ring.

2.- Then, we separate with the fingers the different layers of the onion.

3 . – put the rings in cold water for about 30 minutes. We discard those parts that have not retained their round shape or are too small to make onion rings with them (In the kitchen, we never throw anything, these remains serve for another elaboration).

4.In a large bowl mix the flour, a tablespoon of chemical yeast and carbonated drink, such as gaseous or siphon, a teaspoon of salt, another of paprika and mix everything well with a fork until one Kind of cream, without lumps. It has to be with a certain thickness but rather liquid.

5.- We drain the onion rings of the water, we throw a little bit of salt and we put them in the mixture, making sure that they impregnate well of her.  Now we take our onion rings, we remove the excess of mass and we pass them for breadcrumbs. We booked on a plate and kept making more onion rings, until we all finished.

6.- fry the onion rings on high heat in abundant olive oil. After about 30 seconds, we remove them, leaving them to rest on a grid to drain the excess oil without being softened. This will make them crisp. And you already have your homemade dish, typical fast food restaurant made!

If you want your  homemade fried onion rings to  remain with more outside mass, you can cast a lower proportion of beer to the dough. A lower proportion of liquid, with more mass will remain. And do not forget the breading. It will make them extra crispy!

Crunchy and homemade onion rings. Forget the fast food restaurants by preparing these onion rings at your house. In addition, being homemade, will always be more tasty and healthy.

Roasted Onions Recipes Roasted Onions Recipes Roasted Onions Recipes Roasted Onions Recipes Roasted Onions Recipes


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