How To Cook White Rice In A Rice Cooker

How To Cook White Rice In A Rice Cooker

Did you know that rice is the most consumed food in the world ?. Where it is most consumed, it is in Asia. We can say that there, they use white rice as a substitute for bread. If I may be similar, rice is in Asia “the wheat of the East.” In this article, we will see how to cook white rice very easily and tasty.Recipes of rajma are very easy and these recipes of rajma are very good for our health too.

Simple Tricks How To Cook White Rice In A Rice Cooker:

Cooking white rice is one of those elaborations that, at first, more headaches has supposed us. We stick to the bottom of the stew, we pass cooking, we make rations for a whole regiment, when we only wanted two people … Here, we will see a simple step by step so that white rice cook us to be “sew and sing” And let us never go over the amounts. Let’s see how:

The amount of rice per person:

If we fill a glass of water with rice, this will be the measure for two people. Therefore, 1/2 cup is the measure of a person. Apparently, it may seem small but this is very misleading. The rice will absorb a lot of water in cooking and will triple its size. Try to do this and you’ll see how you never get past the amount of rice

How to Cook White Rice Correctly:

This point is quite broad. So I’ll make a simple step by step to cook white rice.

1.- If we have said that a glass of rice is a serving for two people, we will need two glasses of water (double) to cook it. So we put that amount of water in a small quantity  and we bring it to a boil, with a little bit of salt.

2.- When it starts to boil, we throw the rice and remove it briefly. This is to make sure it does not stick to the bottom. Once this is done, we will not remove it again, because it would release its starch and it does not matter that this happens. Let the rice cook over low-gentle heat , until it has absorbed almost all the water. About 15-20 minutes

3.- When we see that almost all the water absorbed, that in the bottom is a little water, we extinguish the fire. If we let the fire still on, it is very likely that the rice will stick. We tested it and confirmed that it is still somewhat hard. This is good. What you have to do is cover the casserole where it is cooking the rice and let it stand 5 minutes. After this time, try it and you will see that it is perfect. To the “tooth”

And this is how much to cook a white rice . Now that you know this simple method, you will not have any problem cooking this food so popular in the world!Many People love Sea foods there are very good recipe of octopus and other sea foods too.

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