Residential Adaptation Program For Persons With Disabilities

At some point in our lives, our physical needs may change, sometimes abruptly. This makes it more difficult for us to enter, leave or even move around in our own home. Therefore, it is important to ensure your quality of life is realized to its full potential by making the necessary changes to your home to improve your accessibility. A home adaptation project is often the best solution.

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Adapt to a change in mobility with Residential Adaptation Assistance
Having reduced mobility shouldn’t prevent you from moving well in and around your own home. Under your roof, retaining as much independence as possible in accessing all your required resources is of paramount importance in ensuring your quality of life is maintained. Most provinces offer some form of Home Adaptation Program, which significantly alleviates the burden of costs associated with these changes. There are several rooms in your home that may need to be adapted to your needs. Your bathroom can be remodeled with easier access to the bath and shower, the kitchen can be refitted to give you easier access to cabinets, etc. There is an incredibly broad range of possibilities when striving to attain ultimate comfort ability in your home.

Can I have access to a provincial program to finance my project?
Each province differs in its residential adaptation assistance programs. Some may or may not offer these programs. Some programs expire and others are a constant. In order to be certain if you qualify for provincial and/or federal grants or tax credits, it is always advisable to contact your respective governments. We also invite you to fill out our contact form to the right or give us a call to speak with an advisor. They can provide details on how to approach your project the best way possible. Similarly, if you are ready to commence the initial stages of your project, give us a call or fill out the contact form for help getting started on the right foot.

How to Register for the Residential Adaptation Assistance program
Once you know your needs for a home adaptation project, it is important to follow a specific set of steps imposed by the government.

If you are a tenant, ask your landlord for permission to do the work.

Obtain the appropriate registration forms from your respective ministries or government bodies.

Complete the form and have the relevant part completed by the owner if you are a tenant.

Attach the required documents.

Send the completed paperwork to your respective ministries or government bodies.

Additional information
In most cases, buildings used as a home for a handicapped person are eligible for these types of programs. It can be for a detached house, rental building, rooming house a mobile home! Some programs are offered 12 months a year and have no expiry date. However, they may have certain restrictions. For example, some programs stipulate that in order to receive the financial assistance requested, the work performed by the contractor must be completed within a 12-month period following the date of issuance of your eligibility certificate. The processing time will vary from one region to another, so it can be difficult to predict for each of them. It will be your responsibility to obtain this information from your municipality.

Important advice for your home adaptation work
Are you a homeowner dealing with new accessibility challenges which require adaptation work to your home? We can help you identify the solutions that best suits your needs. Whether you require the installation of a wheelchair lift, elevator, stair lift or other upgrades to parts of your home, your Reno Assistance advisor can help you assess your requirements. They’ll refer the right contractors specializing in home adaptation to carry out the desired work.

Home adaptation: A solution for greater autonomy at home!
Moving in a wheelchair or using a walker inside your house requires a rethinking of space and layout. This is done in order to gain accessibility, autonomy and comfort. For example, redesigning the kitchen, refurbishing the bathroom, expanding door frames and rethinking access to the home are just some home adaptation interventions that make life easier for people with functional limitations and promote greater independence. Thus, allowing them to maintain a similar quality of life for their day today.

What a home adaptation contractor will do for you.
Before getting started, a home adaptation project requires an assessment of your living environment (home) and a good understanding of your situation and needs. Professionals in home adaptation (architects and specialized contractors) will be referred to you through our services. They will make every effort to adapt your home effectively. They’ll identify the necessary work to be carried out and the equipment you or your loved one needs. This is to ensure autonomy, security, and peace of mind. We guarantee technically and architecturally well-integrated solutions that will address the most important aspects of your accessibility and comfort at home.




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