Recipes Of Momos Chutney

Recipes Of Momos Chutney

Today we are going to share recipes of momos chutney.Recipes of momos chutney are very easy and cheap recipes.You can easily make momos chutney in your home by following the easy recipes of momos chutney.There are so many people who like Simple Mussel Recipe Without Wine.

Recipes Of Momos Chutney Nepal Style

Traveling through Nepal we were lucky enough to taste one of the culinary wonders of this country, the Momos.

The momos are empanadillas that can be eaten in different states, fried or steamed. We will focus on the latter since in our opinion they are the most typical and most delicious and healthy at the time of eating. Here we leave the recipe of vegetable momos as we have done and eat, hope you like them;)

Ingredients Of Recipes Of Momos Chutney :-

For the mass:

3 cups wheat flour

Water (it is added little by little until the dough is consistent without being sticky, about 1 cup)

1 pinch of salt

For filling:

1 cup finely chopped vegetables (spinach, mushrooms, carrots …)

1/2 potato cooked and crushed with a fork

1/2 chopped onion (you can make half and half different types of onion)

1 bunch of chives, green part, cut into strips

2 cloves garlic

The equivalent of 1 dinte garlic in very finely chopped ginger

2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro

1/2 tablespoon of each of these spices:

Ground cumin

chilli powder

White pepper

Curry (optional)


Garam masala (optional)

1 tablespoon oil

2 tablespoons of light soy sauce (we make them with normal soy sauce)



Preparing the dough is super simple, much more than it seems, if you’ve ever made pizza dough this is going to seem silly.

Put the flour in a bowl and add the water, stir with a fork spinning until completely turned on and once you have created a dough you take it out of the bowl and continue kneading on a smooth and clean surface, especially clean.

Please do not buy the dough made, make it super easy and fun.

Knead about 15 minutes, if when you knead you sweat and you get tired is that you are doing it wrong, it is not necessary as much delivery and as the bakers say “the mass must be let it rest” if you get tired and follow after a while Not completely kneaded, nothing happens, you knead later.

Once perfectly kneaded, let stand between 1/2 hour and 1 hour by wiping it with a damp cloth so that it does not lose moisture.

Once the dough is rested we will make an elongated sausage and we will leave clusters in the form of marble


Stir in the onion and strips of green onion. Once browned add the garlic and the ginger and move on the frying pan in the fire another two minutes more.

Whiten the vegetables. To do this we put water to boil and just when it enters to boil we introduce the vegetables in the water. From the moment that it starts to boil again we count 2 minutes and we take them out of the container, let cool. Cold cut into small bunches.

Cook the potato and once cooked crush with a fork to create a puree.

Mix everything in a bowl with the hand and knead. Pour the spices and put in your salt point.


We take one of the mass marbles that we have cut and spread it on a smooth surface with flour. Knead until circular. Take this wafer with your hand and put some of the filling inside. Close like a pastry making small creases. The dampness of the filling will make it stick well and will not open in the cooking.

Once the momo is closed we will put it on a flour dish covered with a lid or wet cloth.

Once all the momos are made with their respective fillings, a steamer is placed (if it is typical Chinese, 12 euros in the Chinese) on a stew with boiling water.

Inside the steamer we will place a kitchen paper so that the momos do not stick to the surface of the steamer once they are done. The momos are placed so that they do not touch each other as they would stick together.

Once all have been placed and with the boiling water, let it steam for 5 to 6 minutes until the momos are almost translucent. They are served hot with a hot sauce in the middle. As the Nepalese sauces are a bit difficult to make due to the ingredients they carry, we recommend making a canarian mojo, perfect for momos.


n the filling can go whatever you can think of, we change the first line of the filling where he puts “1 cup of vegetables …” and we substitute it for meat of all type fish. You can even fill it with chocolate that is super good. The fried momos are also very good what happens is that they are a little fatty for our taste. To do this once the momos are done, they will be inserted in a frying pan with oil until they are golden brown. Dare to do some Nepalese Momos, you will love it and are super healthy.


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