Puff Pastry Apple Recipe

Puff Pastry Apple Recipe

Our today recipe is Puff Pastry Apple Recipe. Puff Pastry Apple Recipe is a very simple and easy recipe. Puff Pastry Apple Recipe is also a healthy recipe.Now any one can make apple pancake by following this easy Puff Pastry Apple Recipe.

Another recipe that our users share, this time it is a very popular dessert that we can almost say that everyone likes: apple pie .

With this easy recipe you will learn how to make a puff pastry quickly and practically , you will not have to invest much time, nor money and the result will be a delicious and very colorful apple treat. Read on at Recietas Gratis.net and get ready to enjoy the puff pastry pie and apple .

Puff Pastry Apple Recipe Ingredients:-

 1 Blade of Hojaldre

 2 red or green apples

 1 tablespoon butter

  2 tablespoons of sugar

 1 egg

 3 tablespoons apricot jam or similar

Puff Pastry Apple Recipe

1 Cut a rectangle with the puff pastry. Put it on the baking sheet and prick the center part with a fork, leaving the edges unpicked. This is done so that the bottom of the cake does not puff.

Remember that if you prefer to make your own dough, you can do it following the recipe dough puff pastry step by step.

2 On the other hand, peel the apples . Cut them in half and remove hearts. Then cut them into thin sheets.

If you want, you can leave a portion of the unpeeled apples for color on the edges and serve as decoration for the puff pastry.

3 Place the slices on the puff pastry sheet covering the whole central part and grease the edges with the egg, previously beaten.

4 Then cut the butter into small squares and place these portions over the apples. Then, finish sprinkling the whole surface of the cake with the sugar.

5 Cooking our apple pie, the tray carrying the preheated oven and cook for 20 to 25 minutes at 180 ° C . You should check that the puff pastry and apples are browned slightly.

6 When you have the cake done, remove the tray from the oven and spread the surface with the apricot jam.

In RecetasGratis.net we can also help you to prepare the homemade jam with any of these recipes: peach jam and unsweetened strawberry jam .

7 Enjoy the puff pastry and apple pie for dessert time. From Recietas Gratis.net we recommend serving it hot, freshly made, with some vanilla ice cream, delicious!

And if you have doubts about this preparation, you can consult similar recipes with photos in the step by step as the recipe of red apple pie with puff pastry .

If you liked the puff pastry recipe and apple , we suggest you to enter our category of Apple Recipes or let yourself be surprised in our recipe recipe .

Additional Information

Cost: Cheap

For: Dessert

Cooking: Baked

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Puff Pastry Apple Recipe Puff Pastry Apple Recipe Puff Pastry Apple Recipe Puff Pastry Apple Recipe Puff Pastry Apple Recipe


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