Pubic Pain

Causes And Treatment Of Pubic Pain In Men

Our today topic is pubic pain in men.In men, groin pain can cause difficulties in limiting daily activities and walking, bending and lifting. An inguinal pain can occur for many reasons. These causes and treatment methods are given below:

Pubic Pain In Men

1. Muscle Stresses
The most common cause of pubic pain in men is muscle tension. Muscle stresses result in sudden and unconscious muscle movements. It can result in compelling sporting activities or heavy work stresses.

Treatment : Resting, freezing, compressing, and non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs and pain relievers are maintained. Recovery of muscle tension in the groin is slow, which may take 4-6 weeks. The operation is performed in the event of injury to the tendons and ligaments and muscle rupture in the groin area .

2. Swelling of Lymphatic Glands
The enlargement of the lymph glands usually occurs when there is a viral or bacterial infection in the lymph nodes. Lymph glands are a very important part of the immune system because they fight with infections.

Treatment : Antibiotic treatment is performed if the lymph node swelling is a bacterial infection. If lupus (rheumatoid) or rheumatoid arthritis is caused, treatment to treat these diseases also means treatment of the lymph glands. Some types of cancer can also cause lymph glands to swell. In such cases, surgery and chemotherapy can also be performed.

Pubic Pain In Men

3. Groin Hanger
In men, groin hernia can be very disturbing. When the groin hernia has a bloating in the groin, stretching in the related muscles can also occur by removing the consequences and heavy things.

Treatment : The only treatment of the inguinal hernia is surgery. There are 2 ways: hernioraphy (open surgery) or laproscopy. In Hernoryafi, the surgeon opens a slit in the groin and pulls out the intestinal membrane. The torn part is then sewn and reinforced with a synthetic web. The complete healing period can be 4-6 weeks. In laproscopy, the surgeon opens several small incisions in the abdominal cavity. A small camera laproscope (laproscope) is placed into a cut and the surgeon repairs the thin instruments using a synthetic mesh. Laproscopy is a less painful procedure than hernia.

4. Epididymite
Epididymis manifests itself as a result of the infection of the mesenchyme, which can sometimes be caused by sexually transmitted infections. Epididymitis causes swelling and pain in the pubic area

Treatment : Antibiotic therapy is applied. If the infection is caused by gonorrhea, both partners are treated. Painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used.

Pubic Pain In Men

5. Kidney Stones
Kidney stones result in the formation of small crystallized stones in the kidney. Those with kidney stones lead to severe soreness during urination.

Treatment : Effective oral or intravenous fluids, pain relievers and anti-nausea medications are the primary treatment options. Kidney stones that do not disappear spontaneously are removed by cystoscopy or other surgical procedures.

6. Testicular Tumor
The testicular tumor causes severe pain during urination and in the groin.

Therapy : Therapy depends on the size of the disease, the condition of the patient and the condition of the patient. Treatment may be surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Most patients get successful out of treatment.

Pubic Pain In Men

Orchit testes are swollen. In males, orchitis can be seen during mumps, but orchitis can also occur due to bacterial and sexually transmitted diseases.

Treatment : Mumps are not treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are used only in bacterial conditions. If orchitis is caused by lumbar cold and chlamydial infection, sexual partners should be treated. Painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are also used.

8. Testicular Torsion
The testicular torsion can occur in the crotch region and can be very painful.

Treatment : As soon as surgery is the only option. Often testes can be resolved if they are dissolved within the first 6 hours. Often the unaffected testis is attached to the testis bag to prevent future torsion.

Pubic Pain In Men

9. Direct Impact to the Earth
The direct impact of the cavities can cause many damage. If the pain is too severe, it may cause swelling in the area.

Treatment : Painkillers, rest and hot compress are applied together.

In the hydrocele testis, the water accumulation resultant occurs. The first symptom of this is sudden swelling of 1 or 2 testes. Although the hydrocele does not produce much pain, it can cause severe discomfort due to weight in the testicle bag.

Treatment: Aspiration and sclerosing agent (substance) is performed by dripping. Some people do not need treatment.

Note: Pain in the groin may be right or left side or both. It does not help diagnose if it is on any side. We have to look at the other specification.

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