potato dumplings

Potato Dumplings Recipe

Our Today recipe is potato dumplings.Potato dumplings a meatless, nutritious, low calorie, quick, easy to make dish that in itself is a dish that has it all.

Potato Meatballs Ingredients (4 people)

Kilo and half of potatoes.
Two eggs.
Three cloves of garlic.
A nice stream of olive oil.
A fistful of parsley.
Salt to taste

Recipe of potato dumplings

Peel the potatoes, put them to cook in a cauldron with water that covers them lightly above, add salt to taste and leave to boil.
We check its hardness by puncturing with a fork to the 10-15 minutes. When they are tender and the fork is key easily remove them from the fire.
While they are cooking we take advantage and we put to beat one of the eggs, we chop the cloves of garlic and the parsley. We will mix everything well in a bowl.
We took the potatoes out of the cauldron and drained them well to pass them through the pasapuré. Now add the egg whisk, garlic and parsley (all well mixed).
It is left to rest for about 15 minutes and this mixture will be the mass of our potato dumplings.
Once the waiting time is over we can start to shape the meatballs.
Finally we beat the second egg and we pass the meatballs for him and we fry them in enough olive oil very hot until they are browned.
And they are ready to serve the potato dumplings. Enjoy and enjoy its taste and the pleasure of your guests.

Our tips
If you want to accelerate a little the process of cooking the potatoes cut into pieces and put before the desired point, although this dish is already fast because in an hour or so it is ready.

Accompanied with stewed vegetables will have a more complete and ideal dish to add to a low calorie diet.


potato dumplings recipe potato dumplings


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