Pain In The Vagina

Causes and Treatment of Burns in the Post Relationship Vagina

Our today topic is pain in the vagina after sex.We will talk about pain in the vagina.What are the reasons of pain in the vagina?What are the treatments of pain in the vagina?Many women complain of burning and pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse or after sexual intercourse. Burning in the sexual area is also seen in men, but more common in women.There may be many causes of pain and burns, but this is usually caused by urinary tract or genital problems. First of all, it is possible to get rid of this problem and to be treated by detecting the source of the problem.

Pain In The Vagina

Why Does Burning Feel In Vagina After Sexual Relation?
Many women complain of burning their vagina after a relationship, but they have not been able to figure out exactly why. Here are the 10 reasons why you might be responsible for your own situation. This reasons:Dryness of the Vagina Area Most of the time the vaginal area can not reach the level of naturally provided slipperiness and vaginal tissue arises. When the vagina becomes dry, it causes burning sensation after sexual intercourse.

Friction During Sexual Relation
Physically rubbing during sexual intercourse causes burning sensation in most women. If a burning sensation occurs due to friction, it may mean that the vagina becomes dry and the lubrication of the vagina should be ensured.

Sperm Allergy
Do you have a sexual intercourse without a condom? Your vagina burns, itches, small rashes and gets tender after sexual intercourse? Do you feel discomfort after 10-15 minutes of sexual intercourse? Are the discomforts that are less in the first hours increased in the days to come?

If you answer all these questions: “YES” then you probably have allergy against semen. The easiest and most effective solution is to use condoms to block and control the entry of sperm into the vaginal area during sexual intercourse.

Vaginismus, involuntarily contracting the moment of sexual union of the muscles surrounding the vagina. The reason for this is related to the traces from the past and the psychological situation that develops accordingly. Entering sexual intercourse in this situation is a painful and painful situation and may cause burning sensation in women after sexual intercourse.

Pain In The Vagina

Yeast Infection The
greatest symptom of yeast infection is the burning sensation after sexual intercourse. The reason for this is that the vagina is inflamed and painful.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Sexually transmitted diseases,
especially herpes and chlamydia, cause burning sensation during and after sexual intercourse. The vagina may also present sores, and after sexual intercourse these infectious diseases cause more vaginitis.

Urinary Tract Infection
Urinary tract infection is a condition that occurs in many women and also causes a burning sensation during and after sexual intercourse. This situation is so common that most women go through it once in their lives.

Other causes Cysts in the
ovaries, friction during sexual intercourse, uterus, vulvodynia, endometriosis disease

Pain In The Vagina

How does the feeling of burning after sexual intercourse pass?
There are some methods applied by men and women who are good at burning after sexual intercourse. These methods are:

There are methods to alleviate the burning sensation that can be applied by men and women, and care can be taken care of.

Using lubrication enhancing lubricants
This can make sexual intercourse easier and more enjoyable.

Do not hurry up with sexual intercourse
Spend more time in pre-dieting, feel more touch and feel, naturally slippery of the vaginal area will be ensured.

Relieving Gel
Apply the aloe vera gel to the vagina area with a clean, dry finger. But apply to the outer regions of the vagina, not the inner regions of the vagina.

Some women apply carbonates to prevent burning in the vaginal area after sexual intercourse. Mix 3 tablespoons of carbon with 1 glass of cold water and apply with a rag to the vaginal area.

Drug Aid
Antibiotics were used to treat infections and to reduce the burning sensation following an infection-related sexual intercourse. However, if the problem is caused by the establishment of the vaginal area, other medications should be used. It takes time to get rid of the problem completely after using the medicine. Drug use also helps protect you from problems that may arise.

Certain therapies are available to deal with this problem. For example; desensitization therapy is the most commonly used therapy method for women to understand that sexual intercourse will not have a painful process. When we look at other situations, sexual intercourse therapies or double-therapies are the most frequent problem of sinking and accepting sexual intercourse as a painful process. Even though the source of the problem is not being over-stimulated during sexual intercourse and even if you have been carrying negative traces of sexual activity in the past, these therapies help both men and women to relieve their sexual problems.

Do not treat burning sensation after sexual intercourse as a fearful dream and as a condition that should occur after sexual intercourse. If you experience this problem despite trying some treatment and relief methods, it is advisable for your doctor to advise you if the underlying cause of the infection is caused by infection.


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