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Symptoms and Treatment of Umbilical Insufficiency (Omphalitis)

Our today topic is pain in belly button.We will talk about pain in belly button.We will share the symptoms of pain in belly button.Symptoms of belly-pricking (omphalitis) are a common problem affecting people of all ages. Different materials, bacteria and fungi can easily be collected in the belly button hole. This increases the likelihood of infection or inflammation. pain in belly buttonThe inflammation in the belly button can easily be treated at the beginning. Untreated, however, may continue to develop in the future, leading to conditions such as umbilical cord and umbilical cord.

Symptoms of umbilical cord infections
The most obvious symptom of the umbilical cord inflammation is the inflamed appearance as in the picture. The color and size of the inflammation may vary according to the type and severity of the inflammation. Apart from this, the following symptoms may be caused by inflammation:

The belly button’s smell
Fluid and inflammation from belly button, discharge
Bleeding belly button
Redness and swelling
Moderate pain

Causes Of Pain In Belly Button

Causes of Coronary Insufficiency
Because the belly button is a hot and humid area, it is a suitable area for bacteria or mushrooms. The proliferation of bacteria or fungi results in the infection and inflammation of the umbilicus.

We touch a lot of bacteria on our hands. When you put your hand around the belly button, you increase the likelihood that bacteria will multiply in this area.

Hygiene Incomplete
showering, not using soap smoothly allows bacteria and fungi to grow rapidly in the belly button hole. Dirty water also causes bacteria to multiply.

sweating People who sweat excessively have a belly button that is more humid than normal, which creates a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria.

Women prefer piercings because they show free or beautiful. But when piercings are in the belly button, they increase the likelihood of infection.

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How does the belly button inflate?

1 Medical Treatment
Depending on the type of inflammation, your doctor will decide which medication you should take. Topical antibiotic creams are adequate for those with moderate inflammation. After applying it several times, the inflammation will probably disappear.

If the inflammation is in a bad state, the doctor will write antibiotics alongside the cream. Very rarely inflammation can spread to internal organs. This may require surgery.pain in belly button

2 Home care
Herbal treatments that are good for the belly button inflammation are:

Warm Salt Water: Salt water destroys bacteria, causing loss of inflammation. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and crawl through the area where it is inflamed with cotton. You can do it several times a day.

Tea Tree Fertility: This oil can also provide anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. Mix 4-5 drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of olive oil and apply with cotton to the affected area.

Alcohol: Alcohol is also a good way to kill bacteria. You can go to the inflamed area several times a day.

Which doctors go to the belly button for inflammation?

You can go to the general surgery or gynecologic for the belly button inflammation. Because the inflammation in the belly button will usually pass easily with a cream given by a dermatologist. But in some cases a simple operation may be needed. In this case the general surgery department will help you.


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