The fact that the title sounds crazy “oven fried potatoes” !! But is that possible? The answer is yes. With many less calories and so easy to make (or even more so than conventional ones). In contrast, the oven is an appliance that generally consumes much more energy than the glass ceramic. But in this case, this can be supplemented, if we prepare these potatoes together to another roast. Thus we take advantage of the energy of the furnace. In addition, it is true that they are a little more stringy than potato chips in oil. But the truth is that they are quite rich. Keep reading the article to see how to prepare these baked potato chips.These days children love to eat baked chicken nuggets every day instead of any other thing.Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe.


1 medium potato

1 small trickle of oil



1. Peel the potatoes. Then we cut them in slices of between 1’5 and 2cm of thickness

2. Cut each slice into strips or other 1’5 2cm thick. Thus, we will have the typical potato stick

3. We put the potatoes in a drainboard and wash them well. With this, we try to eliminate excess starch, which only makes the potatoes stick to each other and prevents them from becoming so crunchy

4. remove them excess water and add in a bowl. Here we put a small trickle of oil. Almost as if you were dressing a salad. Then mix the oil well with the potatoes, stirring with the hands

5. We put baking paper on a baking tray and put the potatoes on top. We scatter them all over their surface to prevent them from being piled up and put them in the oven, which is preheated to 180 ° C above and below

6. We let cook here about 45 minutes. Until they have a color similar to conventional chips

The fried baked potato is very easy to do I encourage you to prepare at least once, with your favorite roast, and leave it in the drawer comment your opinion about it!


Oven Fried Potatoes


Oven Fried Potatoes


Oven Fried Potatoes


Oven Fried Potatoes


Oven Fried Potatoes


Oven Fried Potatoes


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