Orange Chicken Recipe

Baked Orange Chicken Recipe

Baked Orange Chicken Recipe . This recipe, is typical of the French. Although it is more typical to make it with duck than with chicken – if you like you can prepare it with duck – here we will do with chicken as it is much more affordable for all pockets. In addition, we will accompany it with a garnish of potatoes that will be made next to the bird and the orange. As a result we will have a very cheap and easy to make main course.We can also make roast chicken oven without using potatoes or some other thing with chicken.  This recipe can also be prepared for Christmas. The ingredients we will need for our Baked Orange Chicken Recipe will be:Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

Baked Orange Chicken Recipe Ingredients

A chicken

3 Oranges

3 medium potatoes

aromatic herbs


salt and pepper

Baked Orange Chicken Recipe

1.- Put the chicken upside down in a baking dish. Above, we squeezed the juice of an orange. We salpimentamos and we put the aromatic herbs, to your liking. We left an hour

2.- After time, we fill the chicken with another 3/4 of chopped orange. Then we put the cut potato in cubes in the source, surrounding the chicken. On top of the potato we add another 3/4 of orange also chopped and we put everything to the oven, previously heated to 200ºC

3 .- After about half an hour, we take the chicken to the orange from the oven, we turn it on – it will stay face up. That’s why we had put it face-down before. And on top of it we squeezed half of the orange we had left, salpimentamos, we threw more aromatic herbs and finally another trickle of oil. We put it back in the oven and left another 30 minutes. Until it’s golden brown

 Very easy to make this winged orange winged chicken. It can serve as both a Christmas dinner and a normal day meal.


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