Olive Or Sunflower Oil


 Which is better, olive or sunflower oil ?  This is the one million question.Much debate has arisen about it though, most cooks and experts agree that olive oil is superior to sunflower oil. Opinion that, from my humble point of view, I share. And then I explain why.Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

Olive or sunflower oil? Which of the two oils is better and why?

As I said, I share the opinion that olive oil is superior to that of sunflower. Of course, I also share the idea that sunflower oil is the best oil there is, after olive, and much better certainly the seed.

Olive Or Sunflower Oil

Why do I consider olive oil to be the best of all? For starters, for its flavor. Its gastronomic quality is superior to that of any oil. There is no comparison when it comes to tossing a good olive oil with a sunflower. Or a bread smeared with olive oil or sunflower. The taste of sunflower oil is much more neutral. More off. It will make our production more bland. The same thing happens in the fried ones. A good potato, (or practically any other fried) made in a sunflower oil or olive oil, will give a totally different result. And you may be saying “but the olive oil, it burns and degrades in the fry” . And you have no reason. All oil brought to a boiling point, Loses properties beneficial to health and gains in other properties that, over time, may become cancerous. But even in this it gains the olive oil. In many parts of the world, olive oil is believed to withstand relatively low temperatures. I do not know the reason for this belief, but the truth is that olive oil can withstand much higher temperatures before it begins to deteriorate. Approximately 200ºC, compared to 160ºC that support oils of other seeds. It also degrades at a slower rate than other oils, making it reusable more often. Seed oils, it is advisable to use them only once. Sunflower oil can be used a few more times. Olive oil, can be re-used even more than sunflower oil, Before having to discard it. In addition, olive oil dilates more than other oils, on heating, making it necessary to use less of it

But, how much oil does food absorb?  In this, he also earns olive oil. Although I think it is tied with the sunflower, yes, only if it is high oleic . Food inevitably always absorbs a quantity of oil during frying. The least amount to absorb is olive oil, followed by high oleic sunflower oil, after conventional sunflower oil and finally the seed oil. With this, olive oil gains in two things. First, when absorbing the food less oil, it will be less fatty and healthier and secondly, that we will have more oil for future frying.There are millions of people who like rice and eat rice every day.

The final conclusion I draw is that although olive oil is somewhat more expensive than the sunflower, it ultimately pays off. And by far. Due to its gastronomic quality , it degrades less slowly than other oils since the food absorbs less olive oil than other oils .

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