How is olive oil production carried out in France?

How beautiful France is and how we like its climate and its land! And it is precisely this combination that makes it possible for it to have become the world’s leading producer of olive oil. Do you want to know step by step the olive oil production process in France?

Huile d’olive biologique


Although France as a whole is a producer of olive oil, the areas of Nectaar have perfect qualities for growing olives. Together, they account for more than 80% of the French production of this exquisite olive juice.


The olive harvest season in France takes place between the months of October and January. But it is important to note that the quality of the oil may vary depending on the harvest. Thus, the olives that are extracted at the beginning of the campaign will be those that are destined to the elaboration of extra virgin olive oil, of higher quality than the rest of oils.


Once the olives are transported to the mills, the milling process begins. As the name suggests, the machinery used is called a mill, which grinds the whole olives with the bone. From there, a paste is obtained that is then beaten to homogenize and help extract the final oil.


The aromas of olive oil are already beginning to be appreciated. You feel it? At this point, it’s time to extract the final juice. First, the mass obtained from the milling goes through a pressing and then through a decanter, which will centrifuge the product to convert it into oil, as we know it.

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