Neutrophils Low How To Increase

Causes and Treatment of Low Neutrophil (NEU)

Our today topic is neutrophils low how to increase?Neutrophils Low How To IncreaseWe will talk about neutrophils low how to increase.We will share the best answer of neutrophils low how to increase.Neutrophils (NEU) are special white blood cells that work to disinfect the body. When the number of viable neutrophils is low, this causes neutrophil deficiency, called neutropenia . Low neutrophils leave the body particularly vulnerable to certain fungi and bacteria.

The number of neutrophils is considered low when adults have less than 1,700 calories per microliter. As the number of neutrophils decreases, the chances of getting infectious disease increase. The highly advanced state of neutropenia causes disease to be acquired even from bacteria already present in the human body.

Neutrophils Low How To Increase

Kanda Neutrophil (NEU) Reduced Symptoms
There is no sign or symptom of neutropenia (neutrophilia). Usually this is discovered with a blood test. Chemotherapy is usually caused by neutropenia, so doctors regularly monitor the number of white blood cells in patients receiving chemotherapy.

Even a small infection for patients with neutropenia can cause very serious problems. Infection indications are:

Shivering or sweatingNeutrophils Low How To Increase
Abdominal pain
Sore throat or toothache
Shortness of breath
Continuous coughing
Pain in or around the anal region
Frequent painful or urinary discharge with burning sensation
Unusual itching or discharge in the vagina
Any swelling, pain or redness in the wound or cutout area or in the area of ​​the antechamber
When to consult a doctor?
A low neutrophil usually occurs with a blood test due to other disturbances. The presence of the neutropenic state can be determined by looking at the number of white blood cells.

It is very important to talk to the doctor about what neutropenia is and how it affects health. This makes the person very vulnerable to infections and it is therefore very important to take precautions when there are sick people or certain bacterial and fungal diseases around.

What are the Reasons for the Low Neutrophil (NEU)?
Some of the possible causes of neutrophil deficiency are:

Problems of neutrophil production in bone marrow
Diseases and injuries affecting bone marrow
Food insufficiency
InfectionNeutrophils Low How To Increase
Reasons for the reduction of neutrophil production:

Irish diseases causing insufficient bone marrow production
Diseases such as bone cancer affecting the bone
Radiation therapy
Infections causing neutropenia:

Neutrophils Low How To Increase

Viral hepatitis
Congenital immune system (autoimmune) diseases
Crohn’s disease (chronic and inflammatory bowel disease)
Lupus (skin syndrome)
Rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation)
In some people, the use of certain medicines with neutropenia is the result:

Antibiotics and diuretic drugs
Blood pressure medicines
Sara disease drugs
Drugs for psychiatric diseases
Types of Neutropenia
There are several types of neutropenia:

Irish Neutropenia
It is very rare to have a congenital neutropenia. In some cases, however, the disease can progress to a very serious level.

Idiopathic Neutropenia
This type usually occurs as a result of another disease. Neutrophils Low How To IncreaseDoctors use this term when someone is sick and can not relate their complaints to another disease or condition.

Cyclic Neutropenia
This type of neutropenic patient usually has 3 to 6 days of neutrophil deficiency every three weeks. Patients with this condition become more vulnerable to infection during the third and fourth weeks.

Autoimmune Neutropenia
Such neutropenia antibodies reject and destroy neutrophil cells. This is usually seen in infants and young children. However, the symptoms seen in children vary with age.

Drug-induced Neutropenia
This type of neutropenia is the result of drugs that the person is taking to prevent white blood cells and reduce the number of neutrophil cells.

Neutrophils Low How To Increase

Neutrophil (NEU) Abortion Treatment
Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) In
most cases, neutropenia can be treated with a synthetic transcriptional agent called granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), Neutrophils Low How To Increasea hormone that stimulates neutrophil increase in the bone marrow. G-CSF is injected subcutaneously daily and increases the number of neutrophils.

Bone Marrow Transplant
Sometimes bone marrow transplantation is the best treatment. If the cause of neutropenia is blood cancer or G-CSF injection does not work, this is usually a good treatment method.

Other Treatment Methods

The steroid hormone (corticosteroid) produced by the adrenal gland cortex
Anti-inflammatory drugs
Immunosuppressive drugs
Cytokines (small proteins that direct the activities of immune system cells)
Glucocorticoids (steroid hormones secreted from adrenal glands in daily rhythm or in stress)
White blood cell transplantation
Living with
Neutropenia Patients with neutropenia should take some precautions to avoid infections:

Paying attention to cleanliness It
is extremely important that you take good care of your teeth by frequently washing your teeth, using dental floss and brushing.

Wearing Shoes Included in the Home
You need to wear shoes to protect you from harmful microbes and injuries.

Neutrophils Low How To Increase

Staying out of sick people
You should avoid contact with sick people because you are not vulnerable to disease-causing bacteria.Neutrophils Low How To Increase

Electric Shaving Machines
Use electric shaving machines instead of using a normal razor blade, you should reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Absolutely using
a dressing To clean the scarring and cuts, it is necessary to wrap the dressing with a bandage to keep the wounded area clean.

Do not Enter Still Life You
should stay away from places such as jacuzzis, rivers and ponds that are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Beaten Beer Attention You
should not drink non-pasteurized dairy products and fruit juices. You should be careful not to consume undercooked meat, raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals and honey.

Staying Away From Wastes It is
necessary to stay away from animal wastes and change baby clothes if possible.Neutrophils Low How To Increase

Leukocyte In Urine

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