Natural Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed

What foods to consume for sexual performance at the top?

Our today topic is natural foods to help you last longer in bed.We will talk about natural foods to help you last longer in bed.If you have already experienced erection problems , it is perhaps that you do not necessarily put all the odds on your side by adopting a healthy lifestyle and choosing the foods that will allow you to flourish in your life. sex life.
In this article, we give you 3 simple tips to improve your lifestyle and the list of natural foods that will help you boost your libido and avoid being a victim of a sexual breakdown.
Let’s go !

Let’s start with the beginning.
Who is really concerned about erection problems?
For the World Health Organization, erectile dysfunction is defined as “the constant or recurrent incapacity to obtain or maintain sufficient penile erection to permit intercourse. “
In plain language, it’s the breakdown! Sex at half mast.

In America, it is estimated that erectile dysfunction concerns:
• 10% of men aged 20 to 29
• 15% of 30-39 year old
• 25% of 40-49 year old
• 29% of 50-59 year old
• 35% of 60-69 year old
• 39% of over 70.

Admittedly, it is not negligible.
But do not start worrying yourself.
We only talk about erection problems when the phenomenon is recurrent.
For the rest, it can happen to us all to have a breakdown.

And many reasons can explain it:
• You have drunk too much,
• You are too tired or too stressed,
• You are anxious because you are afraid of doing wrong with a new partner,
• You doubt your ability to bring him pleasure,
• It does not please you enough to excite you,
• Any other good reason …

Even if we would all prefer to live an ideal scenario …
But you do not need to make a fixate on it.
If you are not sure how to react when you can not get an erection at the moment T, we invite you to read again these two articles on the preliminaries and the art of cunnilingus .
They can allow you to save the bet.
In short, if you get to bend normally in front of a movie X, it is probably that your erection problems are primarily related to what happens in your head.

More than a real mechanical problem.
It’s up to you to develop your confidence in yourself to feel happy and fulfilled in your sex life.
And that will serve you well as you get older when you are going to face real age-related erectile problems.
Remember that if you are happy about the man you are, that you see yourself as a good partner and a successful person, you will probably better accept your erection problems.
Having said that, let’s see how you can make this happen anyway as late as possible.
Stop smoking for good erections and improve your sex life

If you do not feel like quitting, it’s your choice. And no one will throw you the stone.
You have at least one advantage in seduction is to enjoy all the connections allowed through the cigarette, including attending the smokehouse in bars to easily start the conversation with a woman who likes you.

Natural Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed

But read all the same what will follow.
What you need to know is that tobacco is harmful to the arteries .
Those of your heart or your brain. But also, in the case that interests us today, those of your sex.
So if you are not afraid of lung cancer or infarction and the pictures on the packages of cigarette packs do not make you want to stop, know that you can also suffer from erection problems.

Because your penis will be less well irrigated.
A 25% decrease in blood flow at the level of your gender will already have a very negative impact on your erection.
It is not for nothing that Viagra acts primarily by promoting a better blood flow.

If you are a smoker, do a little test.
Spend even 3 days without smoking. And you will see that you are going to get really intense erections.
The reason for this phenomenon is quite simple.
When you smoke, the level of carbon monoxide you have in your blood increases.
This gas shrinks the arteries and reduces blood flow. This impacts the quality of your erection.
So, give yourself the most beautiful of all gifts: stop smoking to find a better sex life.
Or do at least the 3-day test. Just to see how you feel.

And if you really want to stop, you can get the Allen Carr method, it seems that it works pretty well.
Now, let’s move on to another big plague for your libido : alcohol.
Decrease alcohol to stay on top of your sexual form and boost libido
After the cigarette, the first thing you think that can seriously impact your sexual performance is of course alcohol.
You may think that alcohol can help you.
Especially if you have problems with premature ejaculation .
You may have noticed that when you were drunk, you could hold on longer.
It’s not false.
But do you say one thing: it’s never a good idea to use alcohol in the long term to solve your problems of premature ejaculation.

First, because you will need more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects.
In short, you are not safe from saying anything and finding yourself the next day with a girl who does not please you in your bed. And find horrible photos posted on Facebook.
Review this article or we will explain all the reasons why it is better to dredge without alcohol .
Do not make alcohol the long-term tool that will allow you to solve your concerns of shyness , erection or premature ejaculation.
Instead, focus on personal development and do not fall into addiction.
On the other hand, a glass of red wine a day will allow you to widen your blood vessels and thus to improve your erections.

Natural Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed

The information comes straight from the very serious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition after a study conducted at Harvard by researchers who discovered that a diet rich in antioxidants can fight against erectile dysfunction.
But just a drink!
For the alcohol, do as for women: learn to become more gourmet than greedy.
Play sports to boost your sexuality
The quality of your sex life also depends on your overall health.
And if you exercise regularly , you will lose fat and develop your cardiovascular capacity.
And therefore improve your health.

In addition, by doing sports, you will boost the secretion of certain hormones.
Thus, the production of growth hormones and testosterone during a bodybuilding session has the effect of increasing sexual desire.
Similarly, the secretion of endorphins during a cardio session will improve your libido and help you fight against stress.
Our advice would be, if you can, to do one hour of sport a day by mixing bodybuilding and cardio.
And if you are afraid of the routine, you have several solutions to vary your training:

• The gym where you can also meet people,
• Running outdoors
• The bike
• Swimming
• The cross fit
• Yoga
• Register as a club in a collective sport
•  Sports
• Dance

In short, you have fun and you can find ideas almost infinitely to play sports and spend.
Last point: you are what you eat.
Diet and sexuality: the foods to have a good erection
So what does it take to boost your libido ?
In fact, the foods that can prevent you from having a correct erection are exactly the same as those that will make you fat.
You know them by heart.
Soft drinks, chips, hamburgers, fries, ice creams, pastries, pizzas, Mars to the dispenser in the hallways of the office and all the rest.
All these foods are full of sugars and fats.
Start now to adopt a healthier diet.
There is one thing you need to know. The more your body is hydrated and the more you will be able to maintain a good erection.
So apply to drink a lot.

Listen to doctors who advise to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.
If you are tired of drinking water, you can add a little lemon to make it taste better.
You can also opt for sparkling water or drink tea or herbal teas.
It’s up to you to see what’s best for you.
Eat more vegetables and fruits to replenish vitamins

To have a good erection, you must help your body to make nitric oxide.
It is the gas that is responsible for the fluidity of your blood.
To make nitrogen monoxide, your body needs calcium, vitamin D and antioxidants, which you can find in large quantities in fruits and vegetables.

Natural Foods To Help You Last Longer In Bed

Fruits are also foods packed with vitamins.
However, vitamins improve blood circulation and increase the number of your sperm.
In particular, focus on red fruits and berries such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries or blueberries.
But do not forget apples, peaches or bananas that are full of potassium and improve blood circulation.
For the summer, think also of pomegranate and watermelon.
The pomegranate boosts your testosterone production and helps regulate your blood pressure.
It has also been proven that watermelon improves sexual stamina.
A study was funded by the US Department of Agriculture. The researchers found that the watermelon contains citronella, a substance that stimulates the dilation of blood vessels.

As can Viagra.
So for this summer, you can give yourself a watermelon cure and a glass of red wine a day.
For vegetables, think of salad, asparagus, beetroot, celery, onion or pepper.
Fill up on good fats to make testosterone
There are still many other foods that can help you boost your libido naturally.
The oyster is one of the foods that contains the most zinc.
Zinc allows the manufacture of testosterone in the body.
More generally, all seafood is rich in good omega-3 fats. Just like fatty fish like tuna and salmon.
And finally, do not forget spices such as saffron, cardamom, cloves or nutmeg.
Finally, if you support it, know that the pepper will drain a maximum of blood from your penis.
So, you have plenty to do in your kitchen to put the odds on your side to improve your sexual health.

Just tell yourself that the basis of a fulfilling sex life is first of all to adopt a healthy lifestyle: do not over-smoke, do not drink too much alcohol, play sports and eat healthy.
The healthier you are, the more you’ll be able to make testosterone and send as much blood as you can to your penis for powerful erections.
Try to put in place some minor changes in your life. Make it a challenge and you will see that you will be rewarded with a fulfilling sex life and an iron health.
And you, do you have other tips to improve your sex life and the quality of your erections? (Viagra, that does not count, it’s cheated!)


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