Mussel Recipe

Simple Mussel Recipe Without Wine

Homemade simple mussel recipe that consists of a kind mussel. They can be eaten throughout the year but are more typical at on any events. Equally as a top at any time of the year, they are delicious. They are even easier to make than the other thing themselves, since they do not have to be shaped. The shape is given by the chicken. It is just a matter of filling it with the white sauce that we will do. So, without further we do, let’s look at the recipe for homemade chicken breadcrumbs .Recipes of momos chutney are very cheap recipes.

Ingredients For About 30 Simple Mussel Recipe:

800 ml milk
100 g flour
100 g of olive oil
2 kg of fresh mussels
1/2 onion
3 eggs and breadcrumbs to brown them
Salt and pepper

Simple Mussel Recipe

1.- First of all, is to clean the mussels. For this we leave a whole night with plenty of salt water, to release the grit.
2.- The next day, we cleaned them and we removed under the tap with abundant water and we put them in a deep dish. Without adding any liquid, cover the dish and put it on medium-high heat, to be steamed. When they have all been opened, they will be cooked. Let them cool and then we separate the meat of the mussel from its shell, reserving everything. Peel and meat. We also keep the water that the mussels have released when cooked.
3. Now, with the help of a knife or scissors, we chop the mussels and the onion. And once this is done, we prepare the white sauce . In another tall dish, we put the olive oil and we add the onion. Sprinkle with salt and add to it gradually, over low heat. After about 10 minutes, when it is soft add the flour and stir. We leave 3 minutes more so that the flour is roasted a little and loses the flavor to raw. Then we add a ladle of the soup that the mussels release. All the sauce will taste like a mussel. We remove and integrate.
4.- This done, we pour the milk. It is better to throw it hot and, in small amount. This way we will better integrate the mixture of oil and flour. So, we throw two tablespoons of the milk and we remove with a rod. I advise you to do it with a stick because that way the sauce is oxygenated. When the milk is well integrated, we repeat the operation until all the milk is finished. Then add the broth of the pastry. We will have a semi-liquid sauce, but this is the way it should be so that the homemade mussel can be creamy afterwards. Now add the chopped mussel and let it cook everything on a low heat, stirring occasionally another 10 minutes. We rectified salt.
5.- After time, we cover it and let it cool in the refrigerator for a whole night and the next day, when the sauce is cold and more compact, we fill the mussels. So, one by one and with the help of a teaspoon, we fill the mussel shells with the sauce. You can fill them up just to cover the kettle or you can fill them even more. I like this second option, let some well-filled homemade recipe. Once this is done, we pass them through egg, breadcrumbs and fry them. Or if we want to keep our homemade mussel recipe for future occasions, we can also freeze them as if they were breadcrumb .
And we will have ready our homemade mussels recipe . Do not forget to prepare them at home because they will delight children and adults. There are so many recipes of potatoes many people make spicy potatoes and some make them simply.


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