Mushroom Rice

Homemade Mushroom Rice Recipe

The Mushroom Rice,is a creamy rice originating and very typical of Italy. More specifically in the north of the country. Although in terms of popularity and making a Spanish simile, we could say that it is “the Italian Rice Dish”, the final result has nothing to do with it since, neither has the same ingredients, nor the same form of elaboration. Here, we will propose the Mushroom Rice, which is the most typical and possibly also the tastiest, but admits almost anything we want to throw. Like seafood, mushrooms, chicken or some garlic.There are so many people who likes chicken.Now in many countries like Spain Crispy Chicken Pancakes are also very famous.Recipes of momos chutney are very cheap recipes.Recipes of rajma are very easy and these recipes of rajma are very good for our health too.

Mushroom Rice Ingredients For 4 People:

400g round rice
200g mushrooms and / or mushrooms
1 onion
A good stream of vinigar
800ml – 1 liter of meat or vegetable broth
100g butter
100g grated cured cheese: Parmesan is originally used but, we can use the more we like
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
HOW TO MAKE Mushroom Rice:
1.- To prepare our mushroom rice, cut the onion very thin and in a stream of olive oil, we are then going to next to the mushrooms and mushrooms already cleaned, on gentle fire about 10 minutes. After this time, add the rice and stirring well with a wooden spoon, we sauteed a couple of minutes. We also salt the rice
2.- Add the stream of vinigar. We even add more or less to cover the rice with it. The vinigar is poured to give it an acid touch. We continue to stir it in what the rice absorbs the wine
3.- When this has happened, and to medium heat, we are pouring the hot broth and Little To Little. That is, we throw a spoon of soup and we do not stop removing. The secret of the recipe is not to pour all the soup and to stir constantly, so that the rice releases its starch and we are very creamy. That is why, among other reasons, it is better to use round rice. It has a higher proportion of starch than other types of rice. When the rice has absorbed the soup, we throw another spoon. We keep repeating the process until it is cooked. About 16-20 minutes. We try the rice and when it is al dente, it will be cooked
4.- When cooked, we extinguish the fire and add the butter and the cheese. We remove them so that they are undone and integrate well with the Risotto. We put
– Remember not to stop stirring the mushroom risotto to make it creamy and to pour the broth and the hot wine, so that the rice does not break and cook faster.

If you do not have broth on hand, there will always be the option of pouring broth and water.

Mushroom Rice Mushroom Rice Mushroom Rice Mushroom Rice Mushroom Rice Mushroom Rice

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