Muscle Pain Causes

Muscle Pain Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is muscle pain causes and treatment.We will discuss what are the causes of muscle pain and what are the best  treatments of muscle pain.

What is Muscle Pain?
Muscle Pain, also known as musculoskeletal rheumatism , refers to persistent muscle aches. Muscle Pain can be due to excessive and uncontrolled use of the muscles and can be a sign of muscular injuries and the various disorders that may occur. Almost everyone today complains of muscle aches due to viral infections such as physical trauma, overuse of muscles or colds.

Muscle Pain Causes And Treatment

Middle-aged muscle aches that last a few days are not a sign of a major health problem. However, long-lived Muscle Pain or muscle rheumatism may be associated with metabolic diseases such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndrome. Muscle Pain treatment may vary according to the following reasons. But let’s take a look at the factors that lead to muscle aches that become chronic before we go to the treatment of myalgia.


Causes of Muscle Pain

1. Excessive Muscle Use, Injuries and Virus Infections

As mentioned earlier, many factors can cause muscle rheumatism. However, overuse of muscles or certain group of muscles usually causes Muscle Pain, such as contractions and sprains. In addition to traumatic injuries, virus infections such as influenza and colds; runny nose, fever, cough, and general malaise can cause muscle aches.

2. Electrolyte Imbalance

Muscle aches and cramps can be a reporter of electrolyte imbalance (imbalance of important minerals), especially in the midnight cramps on the balls. Calcium and potassium minerals are very important for smooth muscle function. The amount of these minerals may decrease in the body due to excessive sweating, vomiting or diarrhea.

Muscle Pain Causes And Treatment

3. Metabolic Disorders

Muscle weakness or muscle loss can be caused by metabolic disorders such as glycogen storage diseases. These are a group of hereditary diseases that inhibit glycogen translation into glycosylation or glycogen breakdown of glycolysis. Although these diseases can affect other parts of the body such as the kidneys, heart, blood vessels and the nervous system, they usually affect the muscles and the liver.

4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome refers to medical conditions that have characteristics such as persistent and extreme fatigue that affect the quality of life. This type of fatigue is not due to normal fatigue and does not go to rest. Affected by muscle pain, the affected person experiences symptoms such as disturbed memory or concentration, joint aches, headache, sore throat, sensitive lymph nodes, agitated mood and anger. It is not known exactly what causes chronic fatigue, but it is more common in women aged 40-50 years.

Muscle Pain Causes And Treatment

5. Fibromyalgia

Chronic muscle pain or fibromyalgia include conditions such as myalgia, fatigue, sleeping disorders, drowsiness, tingling sensation and joint stiffness. Although the true causes of fibromyalgia are unknown, it is thought to be caused by hormonal disorders, chemical imbalance, stress, trauma, and some diseases. This disturbance is also more common in women.

6. Other Causes

Sometimes Muscle Pain can be a symptom of diseases such as malaria, dermatomyositis, polymyositis, myositis, polymyalgia, skin syndrome, trichinosis, muscle abscess, rhabdomyolysis, dengue fever, polio and AIDS. Lyme disease, caused by a bacterium called Genus Borrelia and infected tick bites, can also cause early symptoms such as flu-like muscle pain, fever and malaise. Sometimes muscle pain can also occur as a side effect of drugs such as alcohol and opioids, barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

Muscle Pain Causes And Treatment

After the causes of Muscle Pain  are identified, treatment is possible.

1. Hot and Cold Application

If excessive use and fatigue of the muscles of Muscle Pain can be improved by hot and cold application. For this, put the ice cubes in a thin towel, and hold them on the aching area. Or, on the contrary, you can also use a hot water bag. A hot shower is another simple and effective auxiliary treatment.

2. Agrı Kesiciler

If the affected muscles are very painful, it is necessary to use non-steroids and anti-inflammatory painkillers. If Muscle Pain is caused by bacterial diseases such as Lyme disease, appropriate antibiotics should be used.

3. Massage and Therapies

Muscle pain can also be reduced by massaging the affected area with light strokes. Massage is also an effective method for muscle pain caused by fibromyalgia. Sometimes Behavioral Cognitive Therapy and other psychological therapies are treatments used to overcome fibromyalgia. There are also antidepressants and muscle relaxants prescribed by doctors for fibromyalgia.

4. Mixed Therapy

In order to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, a mixed treatment is performed by administering medication consisting of painkillers along with Behavioral Cognitive Therapy. In addition, if you also have sleep problems due to chronic fatigue syndrome, antidepressants may be recommended by the doctor to the patient as well as painkillers.

Muscle Pain Causes And Treatment

5. Regular Exercises

Regular physical activities or exercises are also effective methods of treating myialia, which is caused by lack of physical activity or fibromyalgia. Regular stretching movements and aerobic exercises can strengthen the muscles and prevent muscle pain that can be seen in the future. Exercise also increases muscle flexibility by preventing muscle stretching and retention. Physical therapy may also be needed to control long-standing chronic muscle soreness.

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