Microwave Apple Pie Recipe

This time we are going to share microwave apple pie recipe.Microwave apple pie recipe is a cheap recipe.Any one can make Apple pie in microwave in easy way by following this microwave apple pie recipe.Apple and raspberry crumble recipe is very famous recipe.

If you feel like eating something sweet and you like desserts with apple, this apple pie that we teach you to prepare in Free Recipes you will love. Forget long cooking time or dirty half the cooking utensils to enjoy a rich homemade dessert, because this microwave recipe will have you ready in less than 15 minutes and its taste and texture have nothing to envy to other desserts More elaborate.

Keep an eye on the instructions and start savoring the apple pie in the microwave that you can eat hot with some ice cream or whatever you like. Let us then with the step by step and the ingredients to prepare our easy apple pie without oven.

Microwave Apple Pie Recipe Ingredients :

 3 apples

 3 Eggs

 50 grams of butter

 250 milliliters of milk

 5 Tbsp of Cornstarch

  150 Grams of Sugar

 1 Chemical Yeast Envelope Royal

 Liquid candy

 3 tablespoons of jam

Microwave Apple Pie Recipe

1 As we are going to prepare a microwave apple dessert, the first thing to do is to locate a microwave-safe cake pan , it can be made of glass or silicone. When you have it, place a thin layer of liquid candy in the base of the mold.

2 On the other hand, peel and cut the manazas into thin slices, the idea is to get segments to assemble the cake. You can use red or green apples, depending on whether you like the sour or sweet taste.

I also take advantage of and use the micro-dishes to lightly melt the butter and temper the jam that we will use later.

3 To make the pie dough use a hand mixer and mix in a tall glass the meicena with eggs, sugar, yeast, milk and butter. Beat until smooth and homogenous, where all the ingredients are integrated.

4 Pour the dough into the mold with the caramel base and place all the apple segments on top. Remember to use your creativity when placing the pieces of apple in the cake to give you an elegant and original dessert.

5 Then cook in the microwave at maximum power (800w) for 5 minutes, let it rest in the microwave unopened for another 5 minutes and cook again for another 4 minutes.

Click the cake with a toothpick to check that the dough is done, otherwise cook for one more minute.

6 Cover the apple pie already ready with a little jam, try to use a kitchen brush to make the process easier and you can distribute the jam evenly, without breaking the cake.

You can use a light strawberry jam , a homemade apple jam or any other that is of your preference.

7 Enjoy the apple pie in the microwave serving a nice chunk next to a scoop of vanilla ice cream . This easy and quick dessert is perfect to prepare when you do not have much time and you will super apples at home. Let’s enjoy it!

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Additional Information

Cost: Cheap

For: Dessert

Cooking: Microwave

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