Merry Christmas: 10 tips to enjoy Christmas as children

Christmas arrives and with it the holidays. During these days without school, children have time to play, rest and families can share more time together.

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  1. Among the recommendations, remember that children should sleep for adequate time.
  2. Sweets are the main protagonists of these dates. It is necessary, however, to monitor their excess intake and try, as far as possible, that children maintain a healthy diet. Raw foods may have bacteria, meat, and fish that should be cooked completely, and raw fruits and vegetables washed thoroughly.
  3. It is also a good time for the little ones to try new flavors. Traditional Christmas presents deals 2019 offers a variety of flavors for children to expand their palate, always taking into account the recommended ages to start taking each meal. For this, it is preferable that they do so in small quantities so that binge-eating is avoided and the tasting of different foods is favored.
  4. Proper hygiene in food handling will prevent food poisoning. It is very important to wash your hands frequently and make sure that children do the same.
  5. Trips are frequent to go on vacation and visit with family and friends. When traveling, remember that appropriate child restraint systems should always be used.
  6. When visiting new homes, it should be checked that it is a safe place and thus avoid accidents. Supervise the environment, stairs, windows, elevators, collect small objects that may be on the ground or within the reach of children. These measures should be taken both children small as the great.
  7. If alcohol is consumed, you should not drive. Alcohol is a drug that affects the senses. Parents can set an example for young people to prevent them from consuming alcohol.
  8. It is very healthy for children to move and exercise, both young and old. It is recommended at least one hour of daily exercise, even on vacation. And children under 5 years old at least 3 hours a day.
  9. A good way to instill in them the importance of exercise in their health is by giving them toys that encourage them to practice it: a ball, a bicycle or roller skates for example. When choosing toys, keep in mind that they must be appropriate for the child’s age and abilities. In addition, it must be verified that they meet safety standards, especially for children. In addition, it is advisable to limit the time in front of screens. From 0 to 2 years it is not recommended to spend time in front of a screen. From 2 to 4 years it is not recommended to spend more than one hour. From 5 to 17 no more than two hours.
  10. Share family time. Free time is an opportunity to spend time with children. Talking with them without the rush of everyday life will allow them to know them better and participate in their growth and learning. Listen to them, play with them and enjoy how they grow.

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