Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe

 The Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe or potato omelette, typical Spanish dish that you can find in any bar of the country. A whole classic. Although its ingredients are few and very basic, there are countless different ways to prepare and present it. We can say that every cook has his “particular” way of doing it. And it has its ingredient that you can throw, or not, according to your taste or the taste of the diners. Let’s see how to make a standard potato omelet, the one Some one make at home, which they  think is very easy.We can make Shrimp or simply any fish very tasty by using good shrimp  recipe.Recipes of momos chutney are very cheap recipes.Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe.

INGREDIENTS Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe for 3 people:

  5 medium potatoes

 3 eggs

 1 onion

 olive oil


 HOW TO MAKE Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe:

1.- Peel and wash the potatoes. We cut them as we know best and cut them in squares but the way to cut it is not important because later we will crush it. The only thing to keep in mind is to cut it into small pieces, so that it does not take an eternity to cook. We also peel the onion and cut it into strips.

2.- In a wide frying pan, pour a good stream of olive oil and put it at medium temperature. We put inside the potato and the onion

3.- As we cook, we begin to crush the potato with the same spoon. We continue to carry out this process until everything is well cooked and crushed. This is the reason why it does not matter how we cut the potato because, in the end, it would end up crushed.

4.- We put the eggs in a large bowl and beat them with a warmth. Then we put the mixture of the potato and the onion and mix it well with the egg.

5.- In another smaller pan, so that the tortilla leaves us with a certain thickness, we pour a trickle of olive oil, on half fire and we throw the mixture. We let it cook for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how much curd we want the Mashed Potatoes And Eggs


6.- With the help of a plate, we turn the omelete  and put it back into the pan. We give a little shape at the edges with the help of a spoon, so that it retains a round shape and let it cook again for 3 to 5 minutes. We put

And the potato omelette is ready . There should be many who has no idea  and does not know how to make this omelete. And if you are one of them, or even if you are not from Spain, now you have no excuse. You can play a little with the ingredients, adding green pepper the real omelette of potatoes or potatoes you can make them easily.



Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe Mashed Potatoes And Eggs Recipe



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