How To cook Courgette

How To Cook Courgette Omelette Without Using Eggs

Today We show you how to cook courgette Omelette without an egg , a cooking recipe, it is very  very successful recipe and very tasty. Actually it only has onion and courgette , and it is its slow-burning process which allows it to curd enough to give this omelette look so beautiful. Keep in mind that serving it on the plate crumbles and becomes what it really is in essence, a wonderful and savory Courgette omelette with caramelized onion .In Spain they like potatoes omelette too. It can be very interesting for people allergic to eggs, but do not want to give up the appearance of an omelet.Recipes of oats are very easy and these recipes of oats are cheap recipes.

How To cook Courgette

INGREDIENTS for four people:
3 or 4 onions
2 or 3 medium Courgette
Virgin olive oil

How To cook Courgette Omelette Recipe

1.- Cut the onions into thin strips. Although some pieces can be cut into squares or other shapes. The strips will be very thin and will give consistency to the tortilla (as does the corrugated steel inside the concrete structures)
2.- In a non-stick frying pan and preferably very large, we pour a trickle of oil (without passing us) and then the onions. We let it simmer stirring occasionally. All this without hurry. It took me over an hour and a half to make this omelet.
3 .- Let’s enjoy the process of slow cooking (slow plan) while we move and do other things. Suggestions: chat with your partner about how your relationship is going, stretch your muscles, do yoga, sing or scream through the hallways of home likes so much about “Long live the kitchen “. This is a recipe that allows multitasking and existential creativity.
4.- When the onion has a nice golden touch and has released its caramelized juice (rich rich), it is time to chop the Courgette , preferably in dice (although you can also try to make strips that also help to give cohesion to the tortilla). Put on a quick fire and incorporate the Courgette stirring frequently while it is releasing its juice. Then lower the fire again.
5.- Let the Courgette go slowly too. Cover the skillet occasionally so as not to lose the juice that is coming out. 
6.- When the Courgette has softened, you will see that the same final dough already has consistency for the omelette. It should remain like a sweet, moist, sweet mass. You put on a quick fire and with the help of a dish you turn the dough several times while the surface of the omelette without egg is done .
7.- Serve and enjoy in good company. If possible do not explain to your guests what they have on the table until the time to cut. You’ll see what a surprise they take when they see what it really is!


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