Lymphocyte Low

Causes and Treatment of Lymphocyte (LYM) Reduction

Our today topic is lymphocyte low.We will talk about lymphocyte low.What are the causes of low lymphocyte?What are the symptoms of lymphocyte low?Lymphocyte LowWhat are the treatments of low lymphocyte?Lymphocytes (LYM) are a type of white blood cell found in our immune system and produced in the bone marrow. Lymphocytes protect the body against bacteria and viruses.

Three main types of lymphocytes are:

T Cells
Natural killer cells
B Cells

These three species prevent the growth of harmful cells and cause the body’s immune system to grow. These cells produce antibodies at the same time. T and B cells help control the growth of cancerous cells. In order for the body’s immune system to function properly, lymphocytes must form about 15% to 40% of white blood cells.Lymphocyte Low

Lymphocyte Low Symptoms And Treatments

What is Lymphocyte (LYM) Loss?
One microliter of calorie should have 1000 to 4800 lymphocytes. This accounts for 15% to 40% of the blood cells. If the lymphocyte count falls below 15%, it is considered low.

Lymphocyte depletion indicates that the body is resistant to infection. This means that the body is vulnerable to discomfort such as cancer and tumors. In addition, low lymphocytes also cause damage to various organs.

Causes and Treatment of Lymphocyte (LYM) Depression
There are many reasons to cause low lymphocytes. This condition has to be treated in order to be protected from infections regardless of the cause. One of the most common causes is lymphocyte involvement in lymph nodes. Extreme sadness also causes the number of lymphocytes to decrease.

Lymphocyte depletion can be easily controlled in most cases and can be easily treated with medications such as antibiotics. A simple blood test is enough to detect this condition. Afterwards, further tests are needed to find out the causes.Lymphocyte Low

The treatment modalities needed for lymphocyte depletion depend on the cause of this condition. Any doctor can determine the cause and write the appropriate medicine.

1. Aplastic Anemia (Failure to Produce New Cells of Bone Marrow) / Bone Marrow Functional Disorder

Platelet anemia occurs when the body is unable to produce white blood cells. This leaves the person exhausted, uncontrolled bleeding and infections. It can be seen at any age. One comes to the square and becomes worse over time. People who are receiving high doses of chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer are at high risk of being seen in pregnant women who are on prescription drugs or toxic chemicals.

Lymphocyte Low Symptoms And Treatments

Treatment: Treatment includes blood transfusion, observation and drug treatment. Bone marrow transplantation is recommended in severe cases. Avoiding activities that may result from rest, sports that require contact, or that may result in falls or cuts, and protection from micro-organisms and infection risks are some of the treatments.Lymphocyte Low
Some of the precautions to avoid are avoiding direct contact with plant and insecticides, solvents and paint removers.

2. Infectious Diseases

Some infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and AIDS cause low lymphocyte. AIDS is caused by the HIV virus. This virus causes the body’s immune system to collapse. Tuberculosis affects the lungs and can be fatal if not treated early. Viral hepatitis is a liver disease that causes liver cancer if left untreated.

Anyone can catch these infectious diseases. However, people with a weaker immune system are more likely to be seen. Immunosuppressive steroids, AIDS, certain types of cancer affecting the immune system, and the use of drugs that weaken the patient against infection are risk factors.

Treatment: When the cause of the low lymphocyte is determined, appropriate medicine is given to it. Antibiotics, fungi, viruses and anti-parasitic drugs are widely used.

3. Autoimmune (Inborn Immunity) Diseases

MS disease, skin disease, and rheumatoid arthritis are autoimmune diseases that cause low lymphocyte levels. Skin irritation leads to inflammation of the organs and is a vital risk. MS disease affects the protective layer of nerves and causes physical disability. Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation of the joints and leads to deformities in the joints.Lymphocyte Low

The gender, age, lifestyle and family story of the patient are the factors that increase the likelihood of getting these diseases. Women over 40 years of age with rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to get caught. Smoking also increases the risk of developing this disease.

Lymphocyte Low Symptoms And Treatments

Treatment: Autoimmune diseases are treated according to the cause of the disease. For example, although rheumatoid arthritis is not a cure, pain can be reduced by medication. Occupational therapy for physical therapy and arthritis helps to protect joints. Steroids are used to treat inflammatory conditions and cause a decrease in lymphocyte count.

4. Cancer

Cancer, especially blood cancer, can lead to a low lymphocyte. Lymphoma and leukemia are symptoms of low lymphocyte.

Treatment: For cancer patients, radiation and chemotherapy are the only appropriate treatment. However, radiation and chemotherapy cause the lymphocyte count to decrease further.
Hereditary DiseasesLymphocyte Low

Hereditary diseases cause a decrease in lymphocyte count by decreasing cell growth. Examples of hereditary diseases include Wishott-Aldrich syndrome and DiGeorge anomaly.

5. Drug and Therapy Effect

Therapies for fighting harmful cells can also harm white blood cells. This leads to a low lymphocyte. Drugs used to fight diseases such as arthritis also cause a decrease in the number of lymphocytes.

Treatment: You should know that the condition of low lymphocyte is usually easy to treat and is not a condition to be urged. It is recommended to check the lymphocyte levels by performing blood tests at regular intervals. Lymphocyte depletion can be treated more easily when diagnosed early. Early detection also allows the condition to be treated without further progress.

When lymphocyte hypoactivity is detected, further testing will be needed to investigate the cause of this condition. It is advisable to check-up at certain intervals.Lymphocyte Low

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