Low White Blood Cells Symptoms

Leukocyte (WBC) Reduction Causes and Treatment

Our today topic is low white blood cells symptoms.We will talk about low white blood cells symptoms.What are the reasons of low white blood cells .Low White Blood Cells SymptomsWBC is an abbreviation for ” white blood cell ” and means ” white blood cell “. White blood cells are also called leukocytes or white blood cells .In a healthy person, the amount of leukocytes in blood values ​​varies according to the situation. In other words, a person with a low leukocyte count in blood values ​​can be considered healthy if not below normal. If the amount of leukocytes in your blood values ​​is below 400 cells per micro liters, you will go medically ill. This condition is also referred to as low calorie leukocyte (WBC).

Low White Blood Cells Symptoms

Leukocyte (WBC) Reduced Causes
Kanda leucocyte depression can be a source of concern and long-term medical research is needed to understand its cause. Lack of local leukocyte causes various diseases, diseases and different conditions. In some cases it is difficult to find the actual cause. Common conditions that can cause leukocyte depletion include:

Leukocyte Reduction Due to Diseases and Structural Disorders

Bone Marrow Diseases
Overactive spleen
Liver disease
Viral infection affecting bone marrow
Rheumatic joint inflammation
Vitamin deficiency
Leukocyte Reduction Due to Drugs and Therapeutic Methods

Chemotherapy drugs
Antithyroid drugs
Radiation therapy

Harmful Results of Low Leukocyte (WBC)
The low amount of leukocytes in the blood makes you vulnerable to life-threatening fungal infections, pneumonia, parasites and other infectious diseases such as blood poisoning. These infections that can be transmitted can lead to life-threatening complications such as septic shock, organ failure and recurrent infectious diseases.

Situations Where You Should See a Doctor
Leukocyte deficiency is a condition that requires medical examination. But if you know that it is leukocyte deficiency and you have a fever, sudden pain or chills and chills over 38.6 degrees, you should urgently call your doctor. In addition, you should call your doctor within 24 hours of complications such as sore throat, wound in the mouth, infection of the bladder, a white coating in the mouth, burning sensation and blood and frequent urination.

Low White Blood Cells Symptoms

Leukocyte (WBC) Abortion Treatment

1) Medicines

If your leucocyte count is constantly falling, your doctor or health care professional will give you treatment methods. Generally, your doctor will prescribe medication and, for example, the amount of leukocytes in your blood does not fall too much due to the drugs used after each chemotherapy treatment. Filgrastim, sargramostim and pegfilgrastim are the drugs used in these methods.Low White Blood Cells Symptoms

It does not work as the immune system is normal in the treatment process. This is especially true in cancer patients. Working under the normal level of the immune system increases the risk of developing various types of infections and your doctor will give you antimicrobial medications such as acyclovir, sulfamethoxazole, itraconazole, fluconazole to prevent it.

2) Attention to your diet

Uncooked meats such as shisha contain bacteria and should be avoided. Be careful to thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits. Dairy products must be selected from pasteurized ones.

3) Taking Supplemental Foods

Oleander extract
Clinical studies have shown that the amount of leukocytes in herbal oleander supplements increases blood circulation by 100% and therefore protects the immune system against diseases such as HIV / AIDS.

Astragalus (Geven)
This reinforcement is a natural blend effective against viruses while increasing the number of leukocytes and protecting the body against organisms and increasing interferon production.

4) Minerals

acts as a catalyst for the immune system and is a trigger element in the fight against foreign bodies of the body.

helps increase leukocyte mobility and improve development.

Low White Blood Cells Symptoms

Vitamin C Vitamin
C helps improve the immune system and helps leukocytes to lift their power. It also speeds up the immune system’s response to threats.

Other Rebuildings
Siberian ginseng and Asian ginseng support the immune system. Echinacea triggers the protective function of leukocytes and stimulates the immune system. Green tea also helps increase the number of leukocytes.

5) Changing Your Lifestyle

Stay away from sugar
Sugar prevents your leukocyte cells from reaching their full potential.Low White Blood Cells Symptoms

Do not feed with unhealthy oils
Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as corn or sunflower oil weaken your immune system.

Overweight or obesity is a weakness in people who resist infection due to the negative effect of the pomegranate on the immune system.

Drink plenty of water
daily to help expel toxins empower the immune system.

regularly Enhance your immune system in regular exercise. Excessive exercise, however, can cause your immune system to break down and become open to other diseases.

Stress Stress is actually the quietest partner in the world. Because as time goes on, your immune system will collapse slowly.

Take Rest at the Required Quantity
Take care to rest until your body gets tired of work and your weakened immune system gets better again. Especially those with low leukocyte levels should be more careful in this regard.


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