Low Testosterone Symptoms

Testosterone Incomplete Symptoms

Today we will talk about low testosterone symptoms causes and treatments of low testosterone.Testosterone is a hormone produced by the body. It is usually produced in testes in males. He is responsible for sperm production and warning of sexual desire. It is also responsible for muscle building and bone production. As men age, testosterone production falls. When production is seriously reduced, some symptoms and problems may arise. The testosterone deficiency indication can easily bump into the eye and be confused with the aging indication.

What is the lack of testosterone?
Testosterone deficiency occurs when the testosterone level in the body drops below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng / dL). Andropause (reduction in testosterone production) is a menopausal male version. While women experience a rapid decrease in estrogen (feminine hormone) during menopause, testosterone production in men slows down. If this decline is high enough, there may be some indication.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

The 9 most common symptoms of testosterone deficiency are:

1. Decrease in Sexual Desire
The testosterone plays a key role in the libidosome of the man. As you get older, most men experience a different rate of sexual desire. However, a person with testosterone deficiency will feel a much faster decline in sexual desire. The person himself or his partner will notice it. Low testosterone makes it difficult to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

2. Strength in Erectile Dysfunction
Testosterone allows men to reach the erection with stimulation of the sexual impulse. Testosterone does not cause erection alone, but stimulates its receptors to nitric acid production. One molecule, nitric acid, also triggers an erection. Testosterone deficiency can cause obesity, diabetes and vascular occlusion. All of these diseases make erection difficult.

3. Reduction of Semen Quantity
Testosterone plays an important role in the production of sperm (sperm motility fluid). The more testosterone a man has, the more sperm he produces. Men with low testosterone levels will notice a decrease in sperm count during ejaculation.

4. Hair Removal
Testosterone is involved in many bodily functions. One of them is hair production. Baldness is a natural part of aging in many men. Men with testosterone deficiency, however, experience shedding in body hairs and beards.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

5. Fatigue and Energy Deficiency
Men with testosterone deficiency reported severe fatigue and noticeable energy loss. Even if you have not slept well enough, you may have testosterone deficiency symptoms if you are constantly tired or are too lazy to exercise.

6. Decrease in muscle mass
Since testosterone is involved in muscle building and strengthening, men with low testosterone levels will feel muscle mass and strength reduction. Especially arms, legs and breasts are most affected. Those who want to reverse muscle weakness with weight training will have difficulty in this.

7. Body Fat Increase
As losing muscle is not bad enough, testosterone deficiency causes an increase in body fat. The reason behind this is not clear enough. But a study has found that genes that control body fat percentage are also responsible for the testosterone cycle in men at the same time.

8. Decrease in bone mass
The weakening of the bones (osteoporosis) is usually thought to be a condition that happens to women. However, men with low testosterone levels experience a decrease in bone tissue. Because testosterone is involved in bone production and strength. Especially men with a long, low testosterone level become unprotected to bone fractures (usually hip, rib, foot and wrists).

Low Testosterone Symptoms

9. Mood Changes

When estrogen levels decrease, women frequently experience mood changes during menopause. Men with testosterone deficiency may also encounter similar symptoms. Testosterone is called the fuel of man. Men are the power behind many physical processes in the body. At the same time, it increases the mental and mental capacity. Studies show that low testosterone levels lead to depression, attention and lack of focus.

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