Low Creatinine Symptoms

Causes and Treatment of Low Creatine Insufficiency

Our today topic is low creatinine symptoms.We will talk about low creatinine symptoms and treatments of low creatinine.creatinine is a body fat produced by muscle metabolism. Thanks to the kidneys are thrown into the urine. Low creatinine may occur for many reasons.The human body consists of skeletal muscles in small and large groups. These muscles, which are found in our body, are a system that is renewed at any time by physical, hormonal and biochemical changes. As a result of muscle breakdown during regeneration, “creatinine” is kept on hold, 2% of our “creatinine” turns into “creatinin” and is thrown away through the kidneys.What are the reasons of folic acid excess?Low Creatinine Symptoms

What is Creatine Test? Creatinine Normal Value
The human body performs all the activities of metabolism in a certain systematic order. Dysfunctions of organ or systems in the body cause disease by negatively affecting other organs and metabolism. Experts understand that metabolic activity is a consequence of metabolic disturbances by assessing the level of components produced and produced by the body. In healthy metabolism, these wastes are certain values. Here, creatininin called urine from these wastes are indicative of the functioning of the kidneys.The kidneys urinate with creatine without the need for resorption. As a result of this process, urine and creatine levels in the blood are indicative of kidney function.Low Creatinine Symptoms

Low Creatinine Symptoms

Normal Creatinine Values ​​(mg / dL)
Adult (Male): 0.6-1.2 milligrams / deciliter
Adult (Female): 0.5-1.1 milligrams / deciliter
Infant: 0.2-1.2 milligrams / deciliter
Ergenes: 0.5-1.0 milligrams / deciliter
Single Kidney Man: 1.8-1.9 milligrams / deciliter

Reasons for Low Creatineine
Since the low creatinine values ​​indicate the healthy functioning of renal function, the low levels of these values ​​are not associated with any illness or negativity. However, since the tissues and systems in our body are in an interaction, the ups and downs of creatinine values ​​over a long period of time must be observed.

1) Age
Low serum creatinine levels occur at older ages. The reason for this is the low basal metabolism and diminished muscle mass that usually develops with age. As age progresses, the metabolic rate slows down. According to research, there is a reduction of about half a kilogram in muscle mass every 10 years. As a result, the serum creatinine level decreases.

2) Pregnancy
Between 3 and 6 months of gestation, there is a decrease in the serum creatinine values ​​due to blood thinning. In addition, blood dilution kidneys filter out more blood and inject more creatinine into the body.Low Creatinine Symptoms

Decrease in muscle mass Muscle disorders such as Myastenia gravis affect muscle metabolism and result in a decrease in muscle mass. Serum creatinine values ​​are associated with total muscle mass in the body and a permanent decrease in serum creatinine values ​​is indicative of a systematic or regional problem in the muscle metabolism system.

Low Creatinine Symptoms

4) Liver Diseases
High serum creatinine levels in kidneys or in the excretory system. Similarly, a significant decrease in serum creatinine is indicative of a defect in serum creatinine secretion. The liver is the basic body where the body cleans the toxins. Activation of muscle metabolism in the nitrogenous components such as all other waste secretions results.

5) Protein deficiencies
due to diet Low creatinine values ​​are deficient in protein intake. Protein diets are the reason for this. As a result, the metabolism produces less nitrogenous waste and the level of creatinine decreases.

Treatment of Low Creatine Content
Low creatineine is not considered a serious health problem in most cases. However, in some cases this miscarriage may also be a sign of a dangerous disease. If the low level of creatinine persists for a long period of time, then the followings are:Low Creatinine Symptoms

Diagnosis of Disease
Genetic testing is used to determine if there are possible musculoskeletal disorders such as weakness in the muscle of the person, diseases caused by weakness of the immune system such as myasthenia gravis, or muscle fiber loss. If there is any indication of malfunction due to the muscle system, early treatment should be started immediately.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is necessary when muscular dystrophy diseases where muscle fiber loss is not treated early. In addition, depending on the findings of the physician, the application of the treatment will play an important role in reducing muscle spasms and weakness that may develop over time. Unfortunately, muscular dystrophy causing muscle fiber loss has no healing options. However, the occurrence of these diseases in the general population is already rare.Low Creatinine Symptoms

Liver Health
If you have liver-related doubts, you should avoid alcoholic beverages and other toxins that damage parenchymal liver cells. Medical treatment for hepatitis disease treatment should be provided. If drugs with side effects on the liver are used, alternative alternative options should be investigated

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