Leukocyte In Urine

Causes and Treatment of leukocyte in urine

Our today topic is leukocyte in urine.We will talk about leukocyte in urine.What are the causes of leukocyte in urine?Leukocyte In UrineWhat are the main symptoms of leukocyte in urine?What are the treatments of leukocyte in urine?Leukocyte detection in the urine is not a dangerous situation. But leukocytes in the urine are an indication of infection or damage to the body. If leukocytes are present in the urine, drugs should be taken to clear the infection.

What is leucocyte? How does the rush go?
Leukocytes are white blood cells that work with the immune system to protect the body from infectious diseases . Damage to the kidney, urine, or urine can cause leukocytes to appear. In addition, an increase in leukocyte count can be observed when foreign substances are present in the body.

The body produces more leukocytes to urinate leukocytes that die when damaged or diseased. Since old cells are excreted through the urine from the body, it is normal that there is always a small amount of leucocytes in the urine. If a large amount of leukocytes are seen in the urine, this can be a sign of a urinary tract infection.Leukocyte In Urine

Leukocyte In Urine Symptoms And Treatments

Reasons for the presence of leukocytes in urine
1) Kidney Infection

Kidney infection causes an increase in urinary leukocyte level. These infections usually start in the urinary tract and spread to the kidneys. People with a weak immune system are more likely to have a kidney infection. In addition, urinary incontinence or inflammation of the urinary tract and urethra leads to leukocyte recurrence. Sexual intercourse causes bacteria to move to the urinary tract causing infection. Entering sexual contact can also cause these bacteria to go to the urethra.

2) Pregnancy

Probably the result of contamination in the vagina leads to an increase in the number of leukocytes in the urine. Pregnancy can also cause an increase in the number of proteins in the urine . If these levels are constantly elevated or other side effects are present, the patient should see the doctor to determine if there is a urinary incontinence infection.Leukocyte In Urine

3) Long-term urination

It causes the urine syringe to weaken and thus makes it difficult to drain the urine syringe. If the un-evacuated urine remains in urine for a long time, it may cause bacterial infection leading to an increase in leukocyte levels in the urine.

4) Congestion in the urinary tract

Congestion in the urinary tract also causes leukocytes to appear in the urine. This condition usually continues with blood in the urine. Pelvic bruising, pelvic tumor, urinary incontinence or kidney stones, foreign bodies in the urinary tract, or prostate can lead to obstruction, which damages the excretory system.

Leukocyte In Urine Symptoms And Treatments

Leukocyte Symptoms in the Run
Indications of leukocyte accumulation in the urine are:

Fuzzy or fragrant urine
Pain or frequent urination during excretion
Kidney inflammation
Urinary bladder tumorLeukocyte In Urine
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
Blood in urine

How is it diagnosed?
A strip test can be used to control leukocyte levels in the stomach. Your doctor may require a microscopic test to check for himself. Tests can also be performed to detect abnormalities at the leukocyte level. There are also tests you can do at home. If any abnormal results are found in these tests, the doctor should be interviewed for further testing.

Finding leukocytes in the
urine for a long time If high leukocyte counts in urine persist for a long time, this can lead to urinary incontinence and kidney damage. A blood test to determine leukocyte levels in the stomach determines whether treatment is needed.

How to remove leukocytes from the rumen?
Infection that causes leucocyte to be present in the urine, not the cure, should be treated. The treatment required depends on the cecedin of the infection.

Leukocyte In Urine Symptoms And Treatments

1) Infection Cleaning

Once you have examined your doctor, he will recommend the antibiotics needed to clear the infection. In very advanced cases, it may be necessary to be hospitalized to treat a life-threatening kidney infection.Leukocyte In Urine

2) Personal Hygiene

High-level cleaning is essential when the infection in the excretion system is being treated. The sexual organs should be washed frequently with warm water and mild soap and then gently dried thoroughly. Until the infection is cleared, sexual intercourse should be avoided.

Clean underwear should be worn to prevent the spread of bacterias, underwear and towels must be changed every day. You should avoid touching the sexual organ by hand and wash your hands after cleaning your body to avoid contamination of others with bacteria or after bathing.

3) Proper Nutrition Habits

Taking nutritive foods may inhibit leukocyte growth in idiopathic cases. Consuming blueberries and blueberries provides a primer that makes it difficult for bacteria to adhere to the inside of the urinary tract. Drinking blueberry juice containing too much sugar should be avoided as it can cause other diseases.

Drinking a mixture of water and carbonate helps to remove bacteria that cause infection by changing the pH in the drain system. Consuming foods containing vitamins B and C also helps to have a healthy immune system that helps to effectively dispose of the infection.Leukocyte In Urine

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