Lemon Peel Benefits And Side Effects

Benefits and Side Effects of Lemon Shell

Our today topic is lemon peel benefits and side effects.We will talk about lemon peel benefits and side effects.What are the lemon peel benefits and side effects?You have heard many times that lemon is useful for our health, but when it comes to the benefits of lemon, it’s lemon juice or lemonade. Well, do you really think what a useful lemon crust we might have had before we used it in terms of our health?

Benefits of Lemon Shell
Dried or fresh lemon peel is used in some foods as well as for medical purposes. Applying lemon peel to food or skin externally has a healing effect on scurvy, cholesterol, acne and some heart diseases caused by Vitamin C deficiency. Benefits of lemon crust are:

Lemon Peel Benefits And Side Effects

1. Reducing Cholesterol It
is beneficial in our heart health because the lemon skin lowers cholesterol in our bodies. Significant amounts of potassium in the blood pressure regulates the containment. Lemon Peel Benefits And Side EffectsThanks to the polyphenol compound, a natural chemical found in its content, lemon peel helps to lower LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol. Vitamins C and P in it cleans blood vessels, it is good for heart diseases and other heart diseases caused by diabetes.

2. Saving to Cancer
Flavonoids are antioxidants found in some fruits and vegetables that are also produced in our body. Flavonoids are also known as the most effective warrior against aging. Lemon bark contains plenty of flavonoid content in the content of cancer cells prevents multiplication. That’s why eating lemon peel has a preventive effect on skin, breast and colon cancer.

3. Strengthens
Bones Having healthy and strong bones is enough to get calcium in the way. Lemon skins also contain calcium, which plays an important role in our bone health, as well as vitamin C. Lemon Peel Benefits And Side EffectsThus, it has been observed that the lemon crust is well tolerated for osteoarthritis, known as arthritis, chronic polyarthritis, known as inflammation of the joints, joint pain associated with rheumatism, bone weakness and bone erysion.

4. Strengthens the Immune System and Facilitates Digestion
Lemon skin contains plenty of vitamin C and other vitamins and components that are necessary in the fight against diseases of the body. So it helps our immune system fight against microbes. As a result, pharyngitis helps to treat sore throat and influenza infections due to colds. In addition, the lemon peel makes it easier to digest through the fibrous tissue structure and allows the intestines to work better.

5. Good Coming to Mouth Health
Vitamin C deficiency leads to mouth problems such as gingivitis, bleeding in teeth and scurvy. Lemon skins contain vitamin C as well as citric acid, which is an important factor in oral health. Therefore, depending on the health of the mouth, gums and teeth against the possible inconvenience lemon peel is a natural preventative food.

Lemon Peel Benefits And Side Effects

6. Inactivate
Free Radicals Free radicals are molecules in our cells that have lost an electron that can form in the course of physiological and pathological reactions. Lemon Peel Benefits And Side EffectsThey can cause many diseases in any part of your body, from inflated to immune system diseases, to aging and even to some types of cancer. Thanks to the Vitamin C in the lemon shell, it neutralizes free radicals, thus preventing these diseases. Since vitamin C is also required in healthy blood circulation, consumption of lemon slug also plays an important role in blood circulation health.

7. Eliminate Skin Diseases We
have stated that free radicals cause aging. As free radicals cause skin stain and acne formation and skin wrinkles, they cause significant skin diseases with aging. It helps clear blood vessels with citric acid and vitamin C in the lemon shell. So black spots and acne are reduced. Besides, it helps us to have a healthier and smoother skin than it helps to clean our skin cells. Lemon bark prevents skin diseases from occurring.

Skin problems that are present or in any part of your body can be reduced by applying the lemon crust externally as well:

One lemon water is squeezed into a container.
Then the lemon bark is cut off.Lemon Peel Benefits And Side Effects
The separated lemon bark is added to the lemon juice at the door and is kept in dry and cool place for a while.
The mixture is then applied to the face or other problematic area by adding a tea spoon honey.
It will be rinsed after about 5 minutes.

8. Recreate and Weaken Metabolism
One of the components found in the lemon peel is a compound called pectin, which helps to lose weight. This ingredient also helps to lose weight in the lemon shell meal because it reduces the absorption of sugar, which is why I have not gained weight.

Side Effects of Lemon Shell

1. Agrochemical
Properties Lemon shells must be washed thoroughly before being defrosted as they may be agricultural chemicals residues used during the growing season. Lemon Peel Benefits And Side EffectsThere is also the possibility of harmful residues that may be present in the growing process or in the process of reaching the consumer. So lemon hygiene is important.

2. Crystallization Effect The
lemon shell contains a very high amount of the oxalate component present in the human body. The high amount of oxalates in the body leads to the formation of some health problems called crystallization. Some of these are kidney stones and gallstone stones. Those with these conditions should avoid consuming lemon peel.


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