Leg Pain Causes

Leg Pain Causes And Treatment

Leg pain causes and treatment is our today topic we will talk about leg pain causes and treatment.Leg pain can make you feel differently from a permanent and dull pain to a stinging sensation. Many of the pain of leg pain can be alleviated at home in a short time with many reasons. But sometimes leg pain is a serious medical problem.

Leg Pain Causes
1) Cramps

Cramps and muscle spasms, known as abdominal contractions, are the most common cause of leg pain. Leg Pain CausesMuscle fatigue, the dehydration of the body and the use of certain medications such as diuretic, cholesterol lowering can cause leg cramps and thus pain.

Leg Pain Causes And Treatment

2) Damages

Leg pain can be caused by the following types of injuries:

Muscle strain
Tendonitis (Tendinitis)
Occurs when the tendon tendons are damaged or damaged.
The leg may have redness, warmth and swelling.
Shin splint (pain in the lower front part of the leg after excessive use)
Stress fractures

3) Another Medical Problem

Some medical conditions can cause leg pain. These include:

Coronary stiffness
Blood coagulation due to prolonged bed rest
If Gut
Bacaktaki joints are hot and red, it may be a uric acid buildup or gout. When the kidneys do not emit uric acid from the body, or when the body produces excess, the level of uric acid increases, and when it is too high, the acid crystallizes in the joints. Leg Pain CausesThis causes inflammation and pain in the joints.
Infection in bone or legs
Nerve damage (often seen as a consequence of diabetes)

4) Other Causes

Disc rotation (in this case the pain spreads from the back to the back)
Osgood Schlatter’s disease
Generally it is the result of teenagers in adolescence who forced themselves to play sports.
Malignant malignant tumors
The use of certain drugs, such as corticosteroids
Cysts or benign tumors (especially on the femur and femur)

Leg Pain Treatment
Leg pain treatment begins by first identifying the underlying cause:

Leg Pain Causes And Treatment

1) Which part of the leg is painful?

You may have to go to orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, neurology, internal medicine or rheumatology depending on Leg Pain Causeshow your leg pain is and what you have been told.For further information on this subject please take a look at the following article: Which doctor should I go for leg pain?

in which you should go to a doctor You should see a doctor if one or more of the following conditions are present.

If the leg is too red to touch
Your fire is above normal level
If the leg is cold or faded
If you are having difficulty breathing with two inflated swells
If there is a deep cut in the leg
If you do not walk
If the leg does not carry any weight
If there is damage caused by a lump or crackling noise
If the pain gets worse
If you have a visa
If the pain is not over within a few days

2) Keeping the knee high

If you have legs and you think your pain is caused by it; Try to keep your head aching while resting.Keeping the stomach up affects blood flow, so it gets swollen and relaxes the stomach.Varicose Socks: Leg Pain CausesYou can also benefit from assisted varicose socks, which will help increase blood circulation.

3) Cold Application (Ice Treatment)

A common cause of leg pain is muscle cramps, and if this cramp is caused by excessive physical activity, you should first be in cold practice. In this case, the cold application should be done for fourteen times a day or less frequently for the first 15 days.

Leg Pain Causes And Treatment

4) Exercise

Relaxing stretching and exercise movements can help relieve pain in muscle pain. If the patient does not accomplish this on his own, he or she may receive physical therapy.

5) Medical Supplies Support

Injuries, sprains or intentional pain can be assisted in the first few days. The bandage wrapped upwards, starting from the knee, also helps to alleviate the pain.

6) Do not consume alcohol and cigarettes

If you are using alcohol and cigarettes, cutting them will help relieve the pain.

7) Agrı Kesiciler

In addition to other measures to relieve discomfort,Leg Pain Causes you can use light, over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin.

8) Prevention of leg pain

It is easy to prevent leg pain caused by physical activity. You should always do stretching exercises before and after exercise.
In addition, you can consume foods rich in potassium such as bananas and chickens.
You should keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.
Alcohol consumption should not escape excessively.
You should not smoke.
If you have diabetes; you should take the necessary steps to keep the disease under control and talk to your doctor about leg pain.

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