Leg Numbness

Causes and Treatment of Leg Synchronization

Our today topic is leg numbness.Leg NumbnessWe will talk about leg numbness.What are the causes of leg numbness?What are the treatments of leg numbness?What are the main symptoms of leg numbness?Leg numbness is usually; a region may be caused by the inability of the blood stream to flow properly or by nerve damage. Leg cramping may also result from infection, inflammation, trauma or other cause.Leg numbness usually does not constitute a life threat, but may have been caused by paralysis or tumor. Medical assistants are recommended, as a long-standing or recurrent leg numbness for a few minutes may be indicative of another disease. Get emergency medical help if you are accompanied by other symptoms, such as loss of consent, bladder and bowel control, confusion, loss of leg strength.

Causes of Leg Compatibility
Poor Blood Circulation Blood circulation
can be worsened by factors like unhealthy nutrition, lack of movement and smoking. In this case, numbness may develop in the corners, legs and feet.

Leg Numbness Symptoms And Treatments

The blood flow in your body can be disturbed for other reasons. Some of these are:

Knotting in arteries and veins
Buerger’s disease (clotting in arteries or veins)
Deep vein thrombosis
Excessive cold exposure
Prevalence of arterial disease (circulatory failure caused by obstruction of blood vessels or cholesterol)
Orthopedic Causes
Orthopedic injuries can cause leg numbness:

Sitting in a Positive Position to Block Blood Flow
You may develop numbness in the legs and / or hips after bending your legs or sitting down to prevent blood flow, or after a long period of cycling. This feeling of numbness will go away in a few minutes.
Hip injury / injury
Broken or very tight wrap or plasterLeg Numbness
Degenerative disc disease
The leg numbness is sometimes accompanied by a painful swallow called needle sting. In the case of paresthesia, especially nights, drowsiness is exacerbated.

Damage to nerves
Leg coincidence usually results from damage to nerves at varying levels. Pressure or damage to the nerves can cause leg numbness:

Diabetic neuropathy
Heavy metal poisoning
Thyroid diseases
Spinal cord injury or tumor
Alcohol and Cigarette Consumption
Excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption can cause nerve damage and loss of sensation later.
Vitamin Deficiency
Careless nutrition and vitamin deficiency (especially B group vitamins) can cause tingling and numbness in different parts of the body.
Paralysis In
paraplegia, numbness is usually only a loss of sensation, but if it is caused by a paralysis, the loss of sensation as well as the loss of mobility is seen.

Leg Numbness Symptoms And Treatments

Multiple sclerosis (MS disease)
Leg numbness can be seen at one or both legs. The numbness seen in a single leg is usually caused by a regional anomaly, but when suddenly in both, it indicates a more systemic condition such as multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis; It is an autoimmune disease that occurs when the immune system attacks its own body cells. In multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the sheaths of peripheral nerves. Damage resulting from it causes numbness in any part of the body. Damage is increasing and irreversible. The numeral precedence is light and spaced, but increasingly intense.

Leg Fit Treatment
Leg numbness; it does not heal in a short time, it repeats itself and it requires medical help when seen with other symptoms. Apart from that, there are some adjunctive treatments you can apply at home to alleviate the mismatch.Leg Numbness

Changes in
Lifestyle One of the most common causes of leg numbness is poor blood circulation. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the lack of healthy nutrition and movement which disturb the blood circulation. Reduce high-fat foods in terms of saturated fat and cholesterol. Walk at least 30 minutes a day.

Heat Application
Helps relieve numbness when warm on the dumb legs and feet relaxes muscles and nerves. Fill a heat sack or pet bottle filled with cloth with warm water and apply the drowsy area several times a day in a delicate manner for five minutes.

Massage A
light massage can be applied to the matching region to regulate circulation.

Movement Moving the
matching knee helps organize the circulation and reduce lethargy.

Vitamin and Mineral Support When the
levels of calcium, sodium and potassium in the body are abnormal, numbness may appear in the legs. Vitamin B and B-12 deficiencies may also contribute to drowsiness. B-12 vitamins are important for metabolism and contribute to the formation of white blood cells in support of the proper functioning of the system.

In addition, vitamin C can help to reduce the drowsiness caused by the circulation in the body.

Leg Numbness Symptoms And Treatments

can be used as a support to reduce plant and herbivores such as ginkgo to relieve circulatory disorders. But you should definitely consult your doctor before taking these herbs.Leg Numbness

Stay away from tight and tight clothes.

Pillow Support If the
drowsiness is caused by a disc slip, lay down a soft pillow under the knees and lie down at night with a pillow between your knees.Stop Smoking and Alcohol If you consume alcohol and cigarettes, stop using it and avoid using it.

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