Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Kidney Infection Symptoms and Treatment

Our today topic is kidney infection symptoms.We will talk about kidney infection symptoms.What are the treatments of kidney infection and what are the symptoms of kidney infection symptoms?Kidney infection is a kind of urinary tract infection. Because bacteria pass through the kidneys from the urinary tract or urine bag. E. coli bacteria are caused by kidney infection.Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

If the resulting infection is not treated on time, it can cause damage to the kidneys and blood poisoning (sepsis). In general, the treatment of patients diagnosed with intestinal infection is carried out in a hospital environment and the treatment is performed using antibiotics.

Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Kidney Infection Symptoms
There are two common types of kidney infection, complex and simple. Simple kidney infection does not carry too many life risks because patients are not affected by other diseases. However, the vital risk of complicated kidney infection is excessive because in such cases, patients are severely affected from other diseases.

The most common kidney infection indications are:

High fever
Pain in the lower abdomen and abdomen
Pain during urination
Increase in disruption
Suddenly a request for emergence
Belly pain
Continuous malaise
Some consequences of the examination will also confirm the kidney infection. These results are:

Infection after urine collection
High fever
Sensitivity that is obvious when lightly struck on the side of the flank
It is also a sign of fatigue, increased heart rhythm, blood pressure problems, loss of body water, and kidney infection in patients with weak paranoia immune system.

Why Kidney Infection?
E. coli bacteria in the intestine cause kidney infection. This bacterium passes through the urinary tract and reaches the urine bag from the urinary tract. As a result, bacteria passing through the urine bag cause bladder inflammation. This bacterium, which then passes into the urine bag, moves up from the dual channeled unitary section that connects the kidneys and the urine bag and reaches the kidneys and causes a kidney infection.Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

E. coli bacteria can reach the kidneys along the urinary tract as well as spread to the blood circulation system and then to other parts of your body. In addition, E. coli bacteria can also be sexually transmitted.

Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Kidney Infection in Male and Female Kidney infection
is less common in males than in females because males have longer urinary tract females than urine. Since the urinary tract is shorter for the ladies, the bacterium gets more comfortable with the wrist.

If you have already experienced the following conditions or if you are currently in that situation, you are more likely to have a kidney infection. These are:

If you have kidney failure
If there is a blockage in the urinary tract or kidneys like prostate obstruction
If you are pregnant
If you have high sugar
A disease that weakens your immune system (HIV / AIDS)
If you have had urinary tract infection before
If there is an unintentional incontinence problem

Renal Infection Treatment
Antibiotic Use
The use of antibiotics is the most common method of treating kidney infection. The type of antibiotic you will take and the duration of the infection will be determined based on your health condition and the bacterial strain that causes the infection.

Even if you start using antibiotics from day to day, the doctors recommend that you complete all of the antibiotics recommended for you to be used during the course of treatment to make sure that the bacterium has been completely removed from the body.Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

In-Hospital Treatment for Severe Kidney Infections
If the infection in your kidneys reaches a serious size and becomes un treat able with daily antibiotics, you may need to be treated at the hospital. Because oral antibiotics can not affect you, antibiotics are given in the vagina. If you still do not get well soon, you can stay in hospital for a long time.

Treatment for Recurrent Renal Infection
If kidney infection occurs frequently and becomes chronic, extra care may be needed for treatment. In such a case, a kidney specialist may need counseling because the kidney specialist can diagnose the disease behind the repeated re-occurrence of the infection and choose the treatment that is most appropriate for you.

The structural anomaly of the urine bag can also be the cause of a recurrent (renal) kidney infection. In such a case, you may need to be examined by a nephrologist or a urologist to see if the structural anomaly is causing the kidney infection.

Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Using Natural Extra Virgin Olive
Oil Olive oil is one of the most beautiful methods you can apply at home because it has the ability to remove toxins from the gall bladder, kidneys and liver. In addition, the use of lemon juice and olive oil will help you in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Putting a Hot Water Bag in Your
Kidney Kidney infection usually brings back pain in your groin, back and hip. Using hot water syrup will have an incredible effect on reducing your pain, which is caused by relaxing your muscles.

Aloe Vera Drinking Water
As it is known, the aloe vera plant has a characteristic that prevents bacteria, viruses and infections. For this reason, aloe vera is the ideal way to drink water. Aloe vera juice, which drinks two glasses a day, cleanses your kidneys and prevents the formation of urinary tract infections.Kidney Infection Symptoms Causes And Treatments

Drinking Water for Wild Mersini (Cranberries) Water for
wild kidney infection treatment should be free of sugar. Blueberry juice increases the acidity of our urine, which inhibits bacterial growth, and also prevents bacteria from reaching the urine bag.

Adequate Water Consumption
Drinking water is as important in kidney infection as it is in any disease. Increasing the amount of water you consume daily helps you with the disposal of bacteria and toxins that cause infection in your kidneys.

C Vitamin C
Like vitamins C, vitamins also prevent the formation of infections by increasing the urinary acid ratio, which prevents the growth of bacteria. For this reason, eating fruits rich in vitamin C, such as grapes and oranges, will help you with kidney infection treatment.

Attention to Your Diet You
should avoid products containing sugar and glucose that contribute to the development of bacteria. When you are hungry, you can eat kettles, yogurt and soy cheese instead of eating chocolates and drinking alcohol.


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