Kefir Health Benefits

What is Kefir? What are Kefirin Benefits?

Our today topic is kefir health benefits.The youth secret of the Caucasus does not end with the health benefits of kefir. Kefir, dating back hundreds of years ago, has been transmitted throughout generations ever since. Kefir is usually obtained by fermentation of milk and kefir beans. Probiotics (useful microorganisms for health), many useful bacteria and yeast are found in kefir beans.

Kefir Health Benefits

What is Kefir?
Kefir is the drink of kefir beans which is usually obtained by joining milk and sometimes water or fruit juices and fermenting it. Kefir has been spread only to Russia in 1880-1885, and later to the whole world, while it was only a beverage enjoyed by Caucasian peoples. Kefir has been used by many people since ancient times as a remedy for many health problems, from digestive irregularities to infectious diseases .

For fermentation (fermentation), 2 kinds of kefir bean are used, including water and milk kefir beans. Milk kefir granules are used with goat milk, cow milk, soy milk or coconut milk. Water kefir granules are used with water, fruit juice or coconut water.

Kefir is made by adding a mixture of yeast and bacteria to the supernatant, water or juice. As the liquid is fermented, more kefir grains are formed. This is the fermentation process that reveals the flavor that is unique to the kefir. Kefir beans are available from some markets or online.

Kefir Health Benefits

Kefir can also be sold as a drink in the markets and can be easily produced at no cost at home. Both milk and water kefir contain beneficial bacteria that have significant benefits to my overall health.

Research has revealed that kefir beans contain a “right-turning L (+) lactic acid”, an important component of the human body. In addition, kefir is effective in preventing cancer and is successfully used experimentally in cancer treatments. Turning right, lactic acid also contributes to healthy working of the heart. According to some investigators, heart-lung cells mainly meet their energy from right-turning lactic acid.

Kefir Health Benefits

Kefirin Nutritional Values
A glass (240 grams) kefir contains 162 calories. Low-fat kefir contains 110 calories. Low-fat kefir contains 2 grams of saturated fat and contains 10 mg of cholesterol.

Kefirin nutritional values ​​are as follows:

Up to 12% of daily requirement Fiber (3 grams)
Protein (11 grams) up to 22%
Up to 10% of your daily needs A Vitamin
Up to 25% of your daily needs D Vitamin
Up to 4% of your daily needs Vitamin C
Up to 30% of daily requirement Calcium
Up to 5% of daily requirement Sodium

Kefir Health Benefits

The main benefit of kefirin comes from the beneficial probiotics it contains.

Kefirin Benefits
1. Strengthens Immune System

A healthy adult contains about 5 pounds (2268 grams) of bacteria in the intestines. We need the balance of bacteria in our intestines to stay healthy. Bacteria are the first resistance of the body against microbes. Bacteria produce antimicrobials to kill aggressive pathogens. Consuming the fermented food and drinking kefir will enable this bacterial population to regenerate as it becomes unstable. In a study published in June 2008, a number of effects were observed that were fed with probiotic fermentation. Kefir is classified as a probiotic fermented dairy product. As a result, it has been observed that this bulb pharynx and its unborn offspring have beneficial effects on the immune system.

2. Has Effect Against Breast Cancer

According to a study published in 2007, kefirin has been found to be very effective in suppressing breast cancer cells. Bacteria found in kefir beverages have been found to facilitate easy digestion even in lactose-susceptible individuals, helping to break down lactose in milk kefir.

3. Reduce respiratory infections and disturbances in children

In a study in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, the effects of prolonged consumption of probiotic milk on infections in children were observed. Children who were treated with probiotic milk during the illness period had a shorter time to recovery and a reduction in complaints of respiratory infections and lower respiratory infections.

4. Improve Digestion
Kefir is slightly acidic due to fermentation and contains beneficial microorganisms in the body. It strengthens digestion. In a study published in the journal “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” in 2003, participants in the experiment experienced improvement in digestion by the supine. Almost no indication of lactose intolerance was seen in the participants. It was also found that the bacterium in the bovine provides protection against diseases in the intestines.

Kefirin Other Benefits
Probiotics help rearrange the diseased bacterial balance in the digestive tract without being fed unhealthy, from diseases, or from drugs. According to research, yoghurt and bloated live cultures have many benefits.

Kefir Health Benefits


– An effective and safe means of treating severe infectious diarrhea in children.

– Prevents antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

– It prevents tumor formation in the large intestine.

– lactose facilitates lactose digestion when taken at low doses over time in people sensitive to lactose.

– Increases IgA antibody production and increases systemic immune function in the intestines.

– Prevents allergic reactions by reducing hypersensitivity reactions.

– Reduce the symptoms of anti-inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

– Turn nutritional fibers into healthy fats.

Kefir Health Benefits

– Increase the amount of HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol).

– Many years of experience have shown that kefir is also useful for other diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis (tuberculosis), bronchitis, depression, lung problems.

– It is also a therapeutic effect for acne, eczema and other skin diseases.

– Kefir is recommended for pregnant women to absorb important nutrients in the intestines and to provide the hormonal balance of the body.

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