Jaw Pain Causes

Jaw Pain Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is jaw pain causes symptoms and treatments of jaw pain.Your chin is throbbing with pain, making an uncomfortable sound when you move or not opening easily. So why? Jaw pain can be caused in many ways. Jaw pain is more common in those who have a history of squeezing or creaking, and those who are fed with chewy food.

Causes of Jaw Pain
1) Temporomandibular dysfunction

Jaw joint dysfunction is the most common cause of jaw pain.

jaw-jointThe jaw joint (temporomandibular) is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull (the jaw in the red circle in the picture). It is this joint that allows the lower jaw to move while the upper jaw is not moving. Any damage to this joint causes dysfunction of the jaw joint.

Jaw Pain Causes Symptoms And Treatment

In addition to jaw pain, the jaw joint dysfunction indication is:

Jaw spasms
Neck pain
Difficulty in chewing and opening mouth
Sounds like crackling or creaking while moving the jaw
Symptoms can increase even more when you feel chewy or stressed.

There are three common causes for jaw joint dysfunction:

Tooth Tightness (Bruxism)
It is seen in people who are more stressful, nervous and painful. Because these people usually squeeze and grind their teeth in their sleep, the damage and pain in the joint of the jaw comes into play. Abnormalities can occur in the chewing parts of the teeth. Most people do not doubt that they are not aware that they are tight when they are asleep.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Occurs when a muscle or muscles contracts continuously. The body posture is seen in people with uneven or joint inflammation.
imperfections Teeth are seen in incomplete, skewed or disproportionate persons. It manifests itself with jaw pain felt when talking or chewing.
Jaw pain usually causes jaw joint dysfunction. But seldom can the following conditions cause pain in the cane.

2) Chin Cancer

Cancerous cells begin to form in the upper or lower jaw and then spread to the whole body. Abnormal growths that occur outside of the jaw, jaw agreement, permanent wounds, ovaries, jaws and mouth are indications of chin cancer.

Jaw Pain Causes Symptoms And Treatment

It is more common in smokers and chewing tobacco.

3) Tetanus

Tetanus, a bacterial infection, can cause jaw closure. It’s hard to open your mouth or swallow something. Because painful spasms develop in the jaw muscles.In the case of tetanus, the clostridium tetani bacterium enters the body through a fresh wound, rapidly producing toxin and disrupts blood circulation. To prevent it, do not forget to get tetanus vaccination every 10 years.

4) Heart Crisis

A severe jaw will manifest itself with the sudden appearance of pain. It is usually felt on the left side of the jaw.The heart has its own pain receptors. Therefore, it sends signals to other zones. The most popular places are the left arm.

5) Jaw Release or Breakage

Difficulty in breathing, bleeding in the mouth, sudden change of the jaw line and difficulty in moving the jaw are signs of jaw dropping and breaking.Jaw pain can also be caused by sinusitis, inflammation, bone infection, age-related tissue erosion.

Jaw Pain Treatment
Jaw joint dysfunction, which is a common cause of jaw pain, is usually easily treatable and does not cause other problems. Your treatment depends on which type of joint dysfunction you have.

Treatment at home
Your dentist may suggest one or more of the following:

You will not have to chew for a long time and eat soft food.
Do not stretch broad, sing, chew gum and nail biting.
Stop habits like squeezing and grinding your teeth. If you are doing this for a psychological reason, visit a psychologist on this subject
Message to affected muscles or put hot towel.
Find relaxation techniques such as massage by finding the causes of stress.
Therapy and Antidepressants
Today’s fast world makes us more stressful or nervous. As a result, jaw pain due to tooth clenching became very common. Do not forget to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist for this. The person you consult will find the source of the stress and help you solve it. If you think that therapy is not enough, your psychiatrist will recommend antidepressant treatment.

Jaw Pain Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Painkillers can relieve jaw pain. In this regard, you can get help from your doctor or pharmacist. Always read the prospectus that came with the medication and ask your questions.

Night Mouth
If your dentist diagnoses the cause of jaw pain as a squeezing or grinding, it may recommend a night mouth. It is a soft piece made of plastic with a night mouth and placed in the upper and lower jaws to prevent tooth firming. Many people find it useful at night.

Surgery For the
dislocation of the jaw joint surgery is highly recommended. Outside surgery can be preferred when the treatments do not work. It involves opening the jaw joint and operating the bone, cartilage and soft tissues there.

Other causes of jaw cancer, tetanus, heart attack, and jaw fracture are rare, but require urgent medical attention. The doctor will require a treatment according to the diagnosis. The healing process is longer.

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