Itchy Nose And Sneezing

Nasal Itch Causes And Treatment

Our today topic is itchy nose and sneezing.We will discuss about itchy nose and sneezing.What are the causes and treatment of itchy nose and sneezing?Nasal itch usually occurs with flushing and burning, sneezing and nasal discharge. These symptoms are usually caused by some type of allergy. An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system reacts abnormally to a substance that is normally harmless.

Causes of Nasal Itch
Allergic Rhinitis
If you have chronic nasal prurient and pus problems, and if you also have symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, eye lining, you are probably confronted with allergic rhinitis . House dust is one of the causes of allergy. These small items in every house live in bedrooms, beds, pillows and living things. Some people are allergic to house dust mites, although they are usually harmless.Allergic Rhinitis

In addition, contact with or exposure to saliva and urine of animals such as cats, dogs, hamsters, and horses can cause allergic reactions. Spring overgrowth caused by allergen, which is a pollen, also causes nasal itching, especially at the end of spring and early summer.

Itchy Nose And Sneezing Causes And Treatments

Nutritional Allergies
If you are sensitive to a nutrient, when you eat these products, the immune system starts to produce a lot of histamine. This leads to nasal and skin irritation, skin rashes, and so on. Some foods can cause more nasal prurient because they contain high amounts of histamine. Among them are soy sauce, hard cheeses, red wine, ham and bacon, beer, fish, tomato paste and pizza. In addition, gluten sensitivity that has not yet been recognized can cause nasal pruritus.

Skin Discomfort
The nose buildup caused by low humidity or the body’s dehydration can cause irritating nasal itching. However, those suffering from psoriasis, eczema,Itchy Nose And Sneezing and hives may also be exposed to chronic nasal prurient.

Other causes
may include nasal prurient if exposed to water, heavy smells or chemicals. Sudden temperature or humidity change in the air may cause undesirable effects in the respiratory tract. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or adolescence can lead to symptoms such as pruritus. In addition, the side effects of certain medications may include nasal itching, so if you have such a condition, you should carefully read the effects before using the medication.

Nose Itch Treatment
There are a few ways to get rid of the nasal prick, which looks simple but can be quite uncomfortable, and a lot of it is easily accessible. These remedies may include various medicines, nasal spray or environmental changes depending on the cause of the nasal itching.

Antihistamine Drugs
Histamine, secreted by the body as an immune system reaction, causes nasal itching, sneezing and nasal obstruction when exposed to allergens.Itchy Nose And Sneezing In this case, oral or nasal sprays containing antihistamines can be obtained from pharmacies. Although antihistamines provide comfort for a while, the effect is often temporary. As long as the real cause of nasal prurient is not detected, it is likely that the nasal prurient will reappear.

Itchy Nose And Sneezing Causes And Treatments

Nasal Spray with Salt Solution
Another easy and natural way is to use relaxing nasal spray which is often found in pharmacies, containing sea salt. The water and sea salt solutions it contains are a simple and good solution to the buildup in the nasal passages. These sprayers cleanse and moisturize the nasal passages and relieve itching.

air Moisturizing the air in your area provides a relaxing effect against your nasal pruritus. Air humidifying products made for home use can help you with this. In addition, the steam bath can also reduce nasal pruritus.

Disinfecting Irritant and Allergic Compounds
Eliminating irritants and allergens in your area can naturally resolve your nasal irritant problem. These include dust, petroleum skin rashes, and chemical irritants, which are usually found in cleaning agents.

Lotions and Ointments
Using various lotions and ointments to moisturize and soothe your nasal passages against itching caused by dryness in your nose can relieve your nose. Itchy Nose And SneezingYou can use some lotions and ointments that are available without a prescription from your pharmacy, or you can opt for cream with stronger effects in consultation with your doctor.


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