Itchy Hands And Fingers

Causes and Treatment of Itching in the Hands

Our today topic is itchy hands and fingers.We will talk about itchy hands and fingers.What are the causes of itchy hands and fingers.What are the reasons of itchy hands and fingers?Itching to feel itchy on the hands can be bothersome and worrying. In most cases, the region gets worse every time. May cause redness and swelling.Hand scratching can be a symptom of a common allergy, but it can also be a sign of more serious illnesses, such as skin infection and liver disease. For this reason, it is necessary to seek medical advice in order to be able to diagnose.

Itchy Hands And Fingers

Causes of itching in the hands
Itching in the hands is not a disease in itself. The cause of itching can be internal or external. It may be due to a cause outside the body or something inside the body. For example, if you are allergic to something you are outsourcing your hand. In addition, liver or kidney disorders are of internal origin. The various causes of pruritus in the hands are as follows:

Contact dermatitis
Contact dermatitis , garlic, paint, soap etc. It is a disease that causes redness and itching in the hands after contact with certain substance such as. It usually appears with a burning redness and may last up to several days. In the future you need to determine the irritant / allergen in order to avoid contact. The most common causes of this disease are exposure to irritants such as detergents. In general, the irritant substance or allergen occurs in the area exposed to redness.Itchy Hands And Fingers

Dryness in the hands
remaining moisture of dryness causes irritation to hand easily. In this case, the discomfort that occurs in the skin creates a sense of itchiness.

Infection Infections in
a wound can cause itching. This occurs when the wounded area is in time and if not treated adequately. Bacterial proteins in the wound area act like antigens, which leads to the production of excess antibodies. As a result, deep inflammation and itching comes to the forehead.

Stress and Anxiety In the
hands and other parts of the body it can cause itching or it can get hot. In general, when it is a stressful situation itching also occurs.

A Systemic Disease A disease
that affects more than one organ or tissue. Hormonal disorders such as chronic renal failure, liver failure, thyroid failure, and blood disorders such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma are common diseases that cause pruritus. In some rare cases, itching of the whole body can occur due to HIV or Crohn’s disease.

Itchy Hands And Fingers

Excessive sweating on palms and soles 
This may be the cause of itchy skin inflammation or may aggravate the situation. Being in a hot environment or being exposed to hot water will exacerbate this situation.Itchy Hands And Fingers

Vitamin or Mineral Deficiencies In the
hands, it can cause burns and itching. It is generally responsible for the vitamins B1, B12, and B6. In general, lack of vitamin B causes tingling sensation with other symptoms.

How Does Itch?
The following will help prevent this itch:

Use a moisturizer without going out
One of the most common causes of itching in hands is to be exposed to dry and cold air, as in winter. If itching is bad, apply moisturizer twice a day to the area. Even an air-conditioned atmosphere in an indoor environment can cause skin dryness if the humidity is low. One of the solutions is to use a humidifier in your room. This not only makes the itchers go away, but also makes your skin softer and smoother.

Antidepressant Medications
If your child develops itching due to stress and anxiety, your doctor may recommend antidepressant medicines.

Warm Water Bath Make
warm water is usually the best temperature for your skin. Hot water will catch the moisture in your skin, so try to keep the hot water to a minimum. However, if you like to bathe in hot water, you can add almonds / olive oil. This will keep your body moist. Adding oatmeal or a handful of colodial oatmeal gave a positive result in calming down the itch. Dip your hands into oat-water mixing for at least 10 minutes. If you have a dry skin prone to itching, you should also use moisturizing soap.Itchy Hands And Fingers

Itchy Hands And Fingers

Sufficient water For your
body to remain water-free is important to provide electrolyte balance. This is very important for everyone, but it is more important because the reaction of the body with dry skin will be faster and more severe. Water deficiency in the body causes dryness of the skin and itching. In winter, itching may worsen due to water loss due to hot caffeinated beverages. You need to make up for this by drinking extra water

Attention to care products
If you have allergies, try using only odorless and natural painted care products. Artificially scented or painted products can worsen itching. Wearing cotton clothing is a wise choice because cotton is a more skin friendly fabric and allows airflow.

Cotton Gloves
If the itching becomes unbearable, wear pure cotton gloves to avoid contact with anything. To avoid any skin irritation when washing gloves, be sure to wash with warm water and odorless detergent only.Itchy Hands And Fingers

Medical Treatment
It is always wise to conduct an adequate examination of your disease because your doctor’s guidance is essential. To help your doctor diagnose the disease, you can try to note your daily activities, such as eating habits and out-of-home activities. This may be important to determine what you are contacted with before itching. It helps you identify specific food products or ingredients that you are allergic to. After that, your doctor can start the appropriate treatment for you, including medicines for treatment. Only use anti-itch creams and anti-histamines given by your doctor.


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