itchy belly button during pregnancy

Why is it, how does it go in pregnancy?

Our today topic is itchy belly button during pregnancy.We will talk about itchy belly button during pregnancy.Your stomach grows, but your skin grows. itchy belly button during pregnancyAlthough the skin has flexibility, there is also a limit to stretching freely. Here, when the skin is stretched above normal, you are likely to encounter an abdominal irritation during pregnancy.You can read more information about pregnancy in Child Life.

Especially after the 23rd week of pregnancy, itching and chest pain can occur.

Why Abdominal Itch in Pregnancy?
Skin enlargement When the
abdomen expands too much, the skin that surrounds the belly is stretched and begins to lose more moisture. In this case you start feeling uncomfortable and you may need scratching. Some mothers may also suffer. Skin enlargement is the most common cause of abdominal itch in pregnancy.

Itchy Belly Button During Pregnancy

Hormonal Changes
The increase in estrogen hormone can also cause itching in hands and feet. Usually the baby goes through birth.

Eczema usually worsens during pregnancy. Itching may be related to eczema.

Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy
Intense itching may be related to intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy with a liver problem. When the bile does not flow normally, the salt in the bile is collected and the skin becomes itchy. Itching usually occurs in palms and feet, but may occur anywhere in the body.itchy belly button during pregnancy

How does the abdominal herb in pregnancy pass?
If you have intense abdominal irritation, see your doctor immediately. You can also try these ways to reduce or completely eliminate this problem:

Moisturizing In
pregnancy, itching occurs most often when the skin is dehydrated. So moisten your stomach with moisturizing cream or vaseline.

Oatmeal Bread Biscuit
Oatmeal bread is the perfect way to moisturize your body. Pour the oatmeal you bought from the grocery store in the mixer until it is crumbling. Mix the oatmeal taken with a glass of water and 2 cups of warm water thoroughly. Then empty the cubes you have filled with this mixture. Oatmeal bread will moisturize your skin and balance the skin’s pH.itchy belly button during pregnancy

Avoid Perfumed Moisturizers
Perfumed ones can increase the itchiness even more.

For abundant water
This pregnancy is golden rule. Make sure that your body is not thirsty for both you and your baby.

if you want to, the itching increases the itching even more.itchy belly button during pregnancy

Very Hot Shower Spray
Hot water can clean the oils on the skin and cause it to become wet and itchy.


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