Italian Sauce Recipe

Best Italian Sauce Recipe Ever

The Italian Sauce Recipe, of Italian origin, is ideal to add to all kinds of pasta. It is also good to throw it on a pizza base, or to make a lasagna. In Italy they add a splash of milk.

Italian Sauce Recipe

Ingredients For 4 People:

500 g Minced meat. The one that you like the most. You can make mixtures of the same

3 Carrot

1 onion

Wine, red or white, indistinctly. The red will give you a slightly wilder flavor.

One teaspoon dried oregano

fried tomato. If it is homemade , better


Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Italian Sauce Recipe

1.- We chop the celery, the carrot and the onion in very small pieces. In a frying pan with a little oil on low heat, we poached the vegetable for about 15 minutes.

2.- We saute the vegetable until it has softened and we throw the minced meat and the oregano. We raise the fire a little and we are crumbling the meat a little with a wooden spoon.

3.- When the meat has taken color, we throw the tomato sauce, to taste and a trickle of wine. We let it evaporate alcohol. Whole tomatoes can also be used, without the skin in which case, it would have to wait 5 or 10 minutes more to cook

4.- We then pour a splash of milk.Approximately the same amount as wine. This, some may sound strange but, it is a step that is done a lot in Italy. To pour a splash of milk, will give our Italian sauce a touch more creamy.

5.- We let them reduce all the liquids, which will be many, to soft fire until a very thick sauce is left. About 45 minutes. We rectify salt.

And we would have an authentic Italian sauce . The degree of thickness varies according to taste, but should be a very thick Italian sauce. We can use it to throw it into a spaghetti already cooked or as a filling of a lasagna.There are so many people who make BBQ sauce firstly and then they start to make BBQ.

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