iron deficiency in babies

Iron Deficiency In Babies

Our today topic is iron deficiency in babies.We will talk about iron deficiency in babies.What are the treatments of iron deficiency in babies.What are the causes of iron deficiency in babies?The iron deficiency anemia in infants can cause learning problems. Therefore, this problem should be taken seriously.Here we will tell you how you can stop the iron deficiency anemia symptoms, treatment and how to stop it.iron deficiency in babies

What is the Anemia of Iron Deficiency in Infants?
Anemia is the absence of red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells are important to us because they carry oxygen to tissues so that their body functions can function properly.

Iron is a mineral that is needed for the full development of red blood cells. If your baby has anemia of iron deficiency; This is because of the lack of iron in your body because of the lack of iron.

Iron deficiency anemia is usually seen in children and this disease causes children to have behavioral disorders and limit their learning ability.

Iron Deficiency In Babies

Iron Deficiency Symptoms in Infants
In general, you can not notice symptoms of this disease. However, when the disease becomes serious, it becomes apparent. These symptoms are:

Pale skin color
Shortness of breath
Can I Test to Understand Iron Deficiency?
Pediatricians (child development specialists) can understand this with routine tests. Most pediatricians do this when the baby is 1 year old. Generally, blood samples taken from the fingertip or normal blood samples taken from the cord are sent to the laboratory to determine the level of red blood cells in the blood.

Experts tell these families that they do not want their children to have this test, have these simple tests done to make sure they are iron deficient and that these tests should be trusted and that the result will be correct. In addition, the amount of blood taken in the future of your children to learn a difficulty in life and iron deficiency is also important for early diagnosis.

How often is Inflammation in Infants Seen?
Approximately 3 percent of children under 2 years of age become iron deficiency anemia. Babies between 9 and 18 months are more likely to be anemia anemia.iron deficiency in babies

Causes of Iron Deficiency in Infants
Sufficient iron intake
Babies have enough iron stored in their bodies until 6 months old. After this process, the body needs iron minerals to keep iron level at normal level. If enough iron is taken, the body’s red cell level does not decrease and it continues to increase. For this reason, pediatricians recommend that the iron-enriched grains be eaten by infants.

Cow Milk is not rich in
iron Today, baby foods contain iron minerals, and when enough baby food is consumed and enough cereals are consumed, iron deficiency anemia does not occur. Children who are breastfed and milked cow milk before 1 year of age may have iron deficiency because the iron content of the cow’s milk is low. In fact, the iron rate in the mother’s milk is low, but the iron in the mother’s milk easily interferes with the blood and acts immediately on the baby.

Iron Deficiency In Babies

Premature birth
The risk of developing anemia of iron deficiency is also high in early-born babies.

Iron Deficiency Treatment in Infants
The best way to treat iron deficiency anemia is to have foods that have a high iron content in your baby’s eating habits. If you are still not using iron enriched cereals, you should start now.

If your baby is a certain age, you can add foods high in iron such as minced meat and puree to your diet. But some children are without appetite and can not have enough iron to eat enough food. In such a case, you can contact your doctor and print high amounts of iron-containing syrups that your baby can easily drink.

What can I do to protect my baby from iron deficiency?
Experts say that today’s products are supplemented with iron minerals and that if your baby feeds on them, your baby will not have any iron deficiency problems. If your baby is still breastfeeding, it is recommended that you use additional nutrients containing iron mineral for 4 months.iron deficiency in babies

When babies were caught in the anemia of iron deficiency What other entities have done?
“Since my daughter has been diagnosed with iron deficiency, I have started supplementing herbs with iron from now on. But I feel guilty for pushing my daughter and not forcing her to eat and letting her drink constantly. If I had not done so, maybe it could have been protected from this disease. ”

“In my son, the disease was diagnosed during 1-year controls. We started using multivitamins from that day and when we went back to checkout the 15th month, they told us that the iron level of our son was very good and he did not need to use multivitamins every day. “iron deficiency in babies

“In my son, iron deficiency occurred in the test on the 9th month and we spent the next 6 months giving him Fer-In-Sol and blood test every 6 weeks. When the results were out, we had to see the hematologist (the doctor examining the blood and cancer diseases), because my son’s iron levels had improved to match his normal blood values. Experts tell us that this type of iron deficiency can be seen in some children, if at all, and will overcome it when they grow up. We are now expecting my son to come to this age and to be tested at age 2 to test again. ”


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