Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe Real Simple

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe Real Simple

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake is very delicious cake.Today we will going to share ice cream sandwich cake recipe with you.Ice cream sandwich recipe is not a hard recipe any one can make ice cream sandwich cake by following this ice cream sandwich cake recipe.In market we can also find ice cream sandwich cake easily.The ingredients used in ice cream sandwich recipe are cheap and easily we can get these ingredients from the market.

Ice cream sandwich cakes are now famous all around the world and specially children’s love to eat ice cream sandwich cake.We can make this cake in our home by using ice cream sandwich cake recipe that we are going to share with you.Chocolate cake is one of most delicious cake.

It is great to prepare funny recipes with the little ones of the house, because with a little imagination and with a simple sandwich ice cream you can make a delicious ice cream for the snack.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe Ingredients:

15 cream ice cream sandwiches

500 gr of whipped cream (better than you)

A bag of M & M’s

chocolate syrup

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe

1 – Assemble the cream, make whipped cream with liquid cream and mix it to your taste, you will be much richer than the one prepared, once you have it in the refrigerator.

2 – Place as a base of the cake 5 ice cream sandwiches one after another.

3- Once you have placed, put a layer of whipped cream on top, extending to the edges, to cover the entire cake, put back another layer sandwich of cream, another layer of cream and  Finally, one last Layer of ice cream sandwiches with another layer of cream. This last layer of cream is the one that is going to see so if you have a pastry sleeve, make small original shapes to make it more cute.

4- Put the M & M’s on the cake and decorate it to your liking.

5- Make a striped design with the chocolate syrup to give it a fun touch.

6- Once you have it mounted, place it in the freezer for 3 hours so that the cream is frozen.


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