Why are you always hungry and tired?

Our today topic is hungry and tired all the time.Chronic fatigue and hunger can hinder your daily life. Both situations can be temporary, which is normal. But weeks, weeks and months of fatigue and want to eat something can be another indication of problems.

Hungry And Tired All The Time

Bad Diet
The two side effects of not getting adequate and balanced nutrition are starvation and exhaustion. These symptoms may arise as a result of the imbalance in the diet or the low calorie intake. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition is a problem all over the world. Even in economically prosperous countries, unconscious diet effects are observed. So you need to know what you need for the right diet, and if possible, you should get help from a dietician. You should pay attention to the fact that the daily calorie you receive is not less than 1200 women and less than 1500 men.

Sleep Deprivation
Insufficient sleep is a clear cause of fatigue. The less obvious problem is heart and lung disorders, excessive alcohol or caffeine intake, lack of sleep hygiene, or sleeping habits. Primary insomnia is a medical disorder that lasts for months or even years, and that can be a factor. Sleep deprivation causes the body to secrete a hormone that triggers the greylin-named hunger, and not enough secretion of the leptin hormone that creates a feeling of satiety.

Hungry And Tired All The Time

Not exercising enough
Exercise boosts your energy because it helps oxygen and necessary nutrients transport into the body. Exercise also relieves hunger. In a study published in the journal “AJP – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology,” researchers who observed hormone changes after an active aerobic exercise of 60 minutes recorded an increase in leptin hormone, a decrease in grelin hormone, a feeling of satiety. The 90-minute weight training only affected the grelin values.

This metabolic disorder affects how the body uses the digested food needed for growth and energy. Type 1 diabetes does not produce body insulin. This hormone is involved in reaching the cells with glucose. When insulin does not reach, energy deficiency occurs. In Type 2, the body can not produce enough insulin or use insulin effectively. Hunger and fatigue are the symptoms of both forms of diabetes. A simple blood test can tell if you have diabetes.

Hungry And Tired All The Time


If, despite all of the above reasons, you are constantly feeling hungry and tired, consult a doctor. These symptoms may be the cause of depression or another medical problem.

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