How To Take Care Of Newborn Babies

Causes and Treatment of Infants in Infants

Our today topic is how to take care of newborn babies?If this is your first time being a mother, you may be worried about the thick, greasy hair on your baby’s head.Many peoples do not know how to take care of newborn babies. But this is usually not a concern. It is a natural, harmless and temporary layer produced by the baby’s body, often in the name of this mansion.Answer is very easy of this simple question how to take care of newborn babies.

For hosts, the host is worrying, but it does not usually disturb your baby, it is harmless and spontaneously goes away in a few months.

How To Take Care Of Newborn Babies

What is Konak?
The mansion is a yellowish, crusty, and sometimes reddening layer seen especially in the head skin of newborn children. The mansion can be seen from the birth of the baby until the third month, and it usually does not cause itching and does not give the baby any discomfort. But when it begins to thicken and spread, it becomes a matter of curiosity and redness or rash can appear around the eyelid, eyelid and eyebrow. If the host spreads over a larger area, it is called seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Approximately half of the babies have a mild mite. It is not taken seriously by most parents because it is known to be very common. Mothers and fathers are usually advised to show their baby to a doctor if they apply for home-made medicines. The sooner the intervention is, the better for the baby.

Causes of Baby in Babies
The reasons for the appearance of the baby are unknown. But it is also known that it is not caused by a disease, allergen or lack of hygiene.
The host is probably due to secretions secreted from the sebaceous glands of the baby due to the hormones that come from the mother in the body circulation of the newborn baby. The fatty substances secreted from these nappies will dry out and then stick to the skin of the head where it will disappear, bringing it to the mattress.

How To Take Care Of Newborn Babies

Experts also suspect that the infant’s undeveloped digestive system, as the basis for the site, has not absorbed enough biotin and Vitamin B varieties.
In addition, a yeast infection called Malassezia may trigger the spread of the spore, although it is not considered a cause.
Signs of Birth in Babies
The appearance of the baby in the baby may vary from baby to baby. However, some symptoms are common to all infants. These symptoms are:

Thick oily and scaly hair
Konak babies can cause hair loss.
White and yellow stains are seen on the hair.
Hair can get a reddish appearance in worse cases. This rarely happens, but if the problem grows it can also lead to scratching in the hair.
If the host is untreated, a wound may develop in the head after a certain period of time.
Maternity Treatment in Infants
The mansion often disappears spontaneously for up to a few weeks or up to 3 months without the need for medical intervention. But very rarely in some infants it can even find this one year. There are many methods and treatments to treat mansions. These are:

Cradle your baby gently and gently rub the fat on your baby’s hair. Before washing the affected area with shampoo, rubbing mineral oil or baby oil softens the scaly and fried skin. Wrap it in a rag or garment to keep it warm after running the rag and wait for 1 hour. But do not rub it after you wash it with shampoo, because shampoo can stick to hair and worsen the situation.

How To Take Care Of Newborn Babies

Please wait for the night to put the petrol in your baby’s hair. Vaseline softens the hair and helps spread the scales. Rinse lightly in the morning to pour out the scales and then wash the hair with shampoo.

Rinse your
skin with a soft brush Brush your mild hair with a soft brush. This scalded skin pours and increases blood circulation in the hair. However, this should be done before washing with hair shampoo to prevent dead skin cells from sticking to the skin.

Wash your
hair every day with damp baby shampoo or mild soap daily. You can reduce the shampoo washing process by up to 2 times a week as hair shrinkage decreases. Washing with shampoo should be done only once a day. Further detachment can make the condition worse by causing the hair to dry out.

Sodium Bicarbonate The
doughy substance prepared with sodium bicarbonate is applied to the hair for 10 minutes. Then the hair is washed again. This process is a very effective treatment to drain the scales.

How To Take Care Of Newborn Babies

Ketocenazole Shampoos
Ketocenazole shampoos and creams have proven to be very effective in host therapy. Scientific research has shown that these anti-fungal medicines do not go to blood.

Steps to Avoid:

Do not try to remove the scales on the scalp with your hand because this process causes infection in the scalp.
Do not use effective shampoos that are sold without an over-the-counter for adults.
Do not use non-prescription steroids and anti-fungal creams without consulting your doctor, because some of them may harm your baby.
Do not use shampoos containing salicylic acid. This acid can be absorbed into the blood and harm your baby.


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