How To Take Care Of Nails Naturally

How To Take Care Of Nails Naturally

Our today topic is how to take care of nails naturally.Nail care is a condition that many people, especially women, are more concerned about. It is more important that the fingernails and the skin around it are thought of. Because even in the most well-groomed hand nails, we may encounter a rather disturbing problem such as devil fingernails.

Until you are treated, the devil may lead to aches that prevent you from using your fingertips. Devil’s fingernails are one of the most common problems that can be seen in the hands and nails.

How To Take Care Of Nails Naturally

What is Devil’s Fingernail?
Satan’s fingers are a condition of your skin producing extra skin. This extra skin then finds a place to cling to the edge of the tornado. This growing skin continues to grow to the forehead and can affect the areas around it from time to time to cause pain.

Causes of Devil’s Torture
The devil’s fingernails can come about with the following reason:

Cold and dry weather
Satan fingernails are more common on cold days in winter. Cold weather, hard chemicals or excessive water immersion on your skin or skin can dry your skin or your skin, causing devilish cunt.

Nail Cooking More
nail pieces are more devilish than nailers. Fingernails can damage the nail bed underneath the fingernails. A weak nail bed causes more devil fingers to form.

Another cause of the devil’s tornadoes is the reversed manicure process. Frequently cutting the dead skin around the nail while trying to cut the nails with the nail scissors can cause the devil’s nail.

How To Take Care Of Nails Naturally

Nail Inflammation and Nail
Mask Untreated serpent can result in a nail inflammation or mushroom called paronychia. There are 3 different types of paronite: bacterial, inflammation caused by yeast species Candida and fungi species. An infection around your nail skin can be red, swollen and painful and can produce pus. Nail fungus is a common disease affecting many people.

The important point here is that after the devil fingernail is seen, the problematic region should not be tampered with much. Because if you do not have pain that can cause pain, you can cause pain.

How does the devil fingernail pass?

The Treatment of the Devil’s Tortoise
Devil’s fingernail therapy can be considered in 4 stages:

How To Take Care Of Nails Naturally

1. Hot Water or Olive Oil
Keep your fingertips in hot water or olive oil for about 5-15 minutes. This will soften your skin and reduce your pain and soften your satanic frets so that it will get easier.

It is important to moisten your fingertips often because the devil’s fingernail is often deeply rooted in its dryness. It is also a good idea to use petroleum jelly or lotion for this.

2. Cut only the Devil’s Torn, without cutting the live skin. Cut the
Devil’s Torn with the scissors from where it came from, do not cause the problem to get worse by tearing your skin. To avoid infection, hold it in a scraped alcohol or antiseptic fluid for a while.

3. Antibacterial Moisturizer
Lightly rub your devil’s fingernail with an antibacterial moisturizer and wrap with a scarf. This prevents infection and allows the devil to soften his nail. You can buy antibacterial moisturizers from pharmacies.

How To Take Care Of Nails Naturally

4. Wrap with a bandage Wrap
an antibiotic cream on the affected area and wrap it with a scarf and stay in this position for 24 hours because the area becomes vulnerable to infection once the devil’s nail is cut. If you have redness or swelling, see the doctor.

How to Avoid the Formation of Satanic Tornado?
As you can see, the formation of devil fingernails can be seen very easily and often. But it is not difficult to prevent it. It is enough to take some precautions:

Moisturizing Cream Moisten
your hands frequently with moisturizing creams, which are prone to the formation of Devil’s fingernails. Because moistening your nail beds is also good for your nails and skin around the nails.

Leave the quotation
If you are eating your fingernails or cutting off the skin around you, stop this habit. Nail eating can cause not only devilish nail but also infections and swelling around the nail. In addition, bacteria and viruses in your fingernails directly to the mouth by transferring the cold and you can lead to infestation.

How To Take Care Of Nails Naturally

Rounded Shaped
Manicure with nails will make regular nail care and cuts the devil’s nail. But when cutting your fingernail, be careful not to cut it with a slightly rounded cut and damage the nail edges. Take care to moisten your nail beds by wetting your fingers while doing a manicure, which is a condition that prevents the devil’s fingernail.

Vitamin and Mineral Intake
B Consume foods rich in vitamins, calcium and iron. These allow your fingernails to strengthen. Also drinking enough water every day is a factor that prevents your nails from drying out.


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