How To Stop Eating Sugar

7 Ways to Promote Sugar Eating

Our today topic is how to stop eating sugar?We will talk about how to stop eating sugar?We will tell you the best way of how to stop eating sugar.According to a study in France, sugar is as addictive as cocaine. How To Stop Eating SugarWhen you start eating chocolate, your brain is starting to release dopamine and opiates, which are happiness hormones . These addictive hormones are starting to poke you for more chocolates.She wants to have sugar, because she knows that you make us happy. But they can eventually make us depressed and anxious. In 2002 a study in six countries increased the risk of depression as sugar intake increased.

We already know the other effects of sugar. It causes weight gain, wears teeth, increases heart disease, diabetes and cancer risk.But we continue to consume sugar, because “no” is not easy. The good news is that the wisdom of the East and the wisdom of the West offer us several strategies to cut down on the sugar spur.

How To Stop Eating Sugar

1. Make a nice breakfast
Eggs, cheese, olives, butter for breakfast. There is no harm in a little honey. So you have long suppressed the desire to eat something sugary, and at the same time you have increased the rate of metabolism and pumped energy into your body.How To Stop Eating Sugar

2. Consume Green Vegetables
Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach increase your energy and suppress the desire to eat sugar thanks to minerals such as magnesium in their contents.

3. Stay away from artificial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners actually increase sugar demand and speed up fat formation.

How To Stop Eating Sugar

4. Get Solar Light
Vitamin D helps to produce serotonin. Try to take advantage of the sunlight so that the hormone of happiness, serotonin, will control the sugar demand.How To Stop Eating Sugar

5. Eat in Good Oils
Dried nuts, omega-3 oil-rich fish like salmon, olive oil and other foods keep blood sugar stable, hunger. At the same time it helps the secretion of depression and anxiety-suppressing hormones.

6. Get Protein Every Day
Vegetarians find it more difficult to control the desire to eat sugar. Red meat, white meat, eggs and fish stimulate energy and secrete neurochemicals that suppress sugar demand.How To Stop Eating Sugar

7. Sleep for 8 hours
Sleep deprivation causes the secretion of a hormone called girelin which causes the desire to eat sugar. At the same time, the appetite-reducing leptin reduces the effect of the named hormone.Although it is difficult to quit the sugar habit, the results are exceedingly satisfying: a flattened abdomen, more energy, better skin, and less visit to the doctor.


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