How To Remove Black Spots On Face Quickly

Why are the black dots in the face and how do they go?

Our today topic is how to remove black spots on face quickly?We will discuss about how to remove black spots on face quickly?We will share the correct and simple answer of how to remove black spots on face quickly?The black dots in the face are usually the result of skin damage. It may disappear in a short time with the products that enable the renewal of the skin cells. If black spots persist, consult a doctor.These stains usually result in excessive pigmentation or as a result of the skin cells producing excess melanin. Black Spots On FaceThis usually happens when that part of the deep is damaged. This condition, which can usually be solved at home, requires going to the doctor when there are other symptoms.

Why are there black dots in the face?
Excessive Pigmentation
Excessive pigmentation occurs as a result of an impact and damage to a certain area of ​​the skin. This causes the skin to produce excess melanin, and the dark part of the skin gives birth to the result.

Exposure to
Excessive Sunlight Exposure to extreme sunlight causes the skin to produce melanin to protect it from ultraviolet rays.

Skin Disorders With the
advancing age, the slowing down of the production of skin cells can not replace the damaged cells.

Liver Damage
Skin stains can also be a sign of liver damage. Because in this case the body is unable to take the toxins from the cells.

How To Remove Black Spots On Face Quickly

Acne Scars
Acne or cuts can often lead to long-lasting stains that are lost.

How do the black spots in the face pass?
Sun Cream
When you go out even in cold weather, use sun cream, sun rays on the skin prevents the formation of stains. If you use these creams 30 minutes before you go out, you will have time to increase your effectiveness. When choosing a brand, you should choose products that contain zink oxide and titanium oxide, which are more effective.

E Vitamin E Vitamin E
, applied directly to the skin just before bedtime, provides plenty of antioxidant to the skin, preventing stain formation.Black Spots On Face Open the Vitamin E capsule and apply it to the area you want to go to.Increasing the intake of vitamin C vitamin C reduces the production of melanin on the skin. It is beneficial to consume foods such as strawberries and oranges, which are rich in vitamin C.

Natural Stain Remover
Indian Foam
Provides the opening of dark spots of Indian oil applied twice a day on the skin. With circular motion, feed the oil to the required area.

Green tea essence
Applying green tea essence helps to reduce free radicals, along with providing many antioxidants on the skin. Green tea also increases the body’s collagen production.

Feed the milk to the thickened parts with the help of cotton. Wait for 8-10 minutes before washing. Applying this process twice a day for 6 weeks removes dark spots.

Aleo Vera
Two times a day with aleo vera juice washed in the stains disappear in a few weeks.

Other options:
Applying pineapple, honey, horseradish, yogurt, cucumber, potato, turmeric, papaya or tomato to the area with darkness is beneficial in removing stains. By keeping these products for a few minutes in the face, you can open up dark areas.

Home Made Masks
Sandalwood dust mix
Glycerine, sandalwood, blend of rose and rose water will prepare a paste of wet marks or dark stains. You can also use honey or milk instead of rose water.

Honey and brown sugar
Prepare a mixture of honey and brown sugar. You can rub your face with this blend every two weeks to eliminate dead cells that cause color change.

Lemon juice
Dark stains can turn on the lemon juice colors applied for 2 weeks. The effect of mixing lemon juice with vinegar, horseradish or honey is further enhanced.

Medical treatments for the facial black stains
Laser treatment For
this treatment, ultraviolet rays are absorbed by the skin cells and allow them to die. Black Spots On FaceThis treatment will improve in one week, although it will appear darker in the first place.

Microdermabrasion therapy By using
microscopic crystal fragments, the damaged skin cells are removed and replacements are made available.

Chemical peeling process
During chemical peeling process, the doctor applies a mild acid mixture to peel off the outer layer of the skin. Neutralizer is then applied to provide deep penetration that is unaffected by the Black Spots On Facemelanin.


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