how to quit smoking cigarettes home remedies

Are you trying to quit smoking? 10 Roads to Cigarette Request

Today we will discuss how to quit smoking cigarettes home remedies.For many smokers, smoking cessation can be irresistible. But you do not have to be a prisoner of smoking. When a smoking impulse comes in, even if you are busy, remember: it will be short and it will probably pass in a few minutes. The more you depend on this claim, the closer you will be to quitting the cigarette. It will not be easy, but it can be done.

How to quit smoking cigarettes home remedies

Here are 10 ways to resist your desire to smoke:

1. Postpone
If you are willing to smoke, tell yourself to wait 10 minutes before you do something to distract you during that time. This simple trick can keep you from wanting to smoke. Repeat this when you need it.

2. Do not say “just one”
To satisfy your cigarette desire, just smoking a cigarette can attract you. But do not fool yourself, you will not be able to smoke a cigarette. A cigarette will chase the other, and you will start smoking again.

3. Avoid Triggers
The desire to smoke reveals itself more often in places and situations where you smoke. In cafes, bars, cars or television. Define triggers and make a plan. So you can avoid smoking. If you usually smoke while talking on the phone, find a pen and play with it.

4. Exercise
Physical activity distracts both your willingness to smoke by distributing your attention and reduces the intensity of your smoking wish. Only an average of 30 minutes of physical exercise takes and takes away smoking. Go to the park and run. If you’re stuck in the office, go down the stairs and get out.

5. Use Relaxation Techniques
In the past, smoking is a way to cope with stress. Resisting smoking may be stressful. Use relaxation techniques to reduce stress. Activities such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, massage can help.

6. Find someone to help you
When you want to smoke, call a friend or go out with him. So have some fun and be careful. It can also help if you have someone to convince you not to smoke when you smoke.

7. Remember the benefits of quitting smoking
Write down why you should leave the cigarette and even say it out loud. So you will educate your subconscious in this regard.

8. Read or Listen to the Stories of Those Who Stop Smoking
Learn how others have lived and managed to cope with difficult situations while quitting smoking. So you will realize that you can leave it, encourage yourself, and prepare yourself against difficult situations.

9. Try Other Products Containing Nicotine
Get nicotine in other ways instead of cigarettes. Nicotine tapes can make gum work.

10. Chew Gum For Water
When you want to smoke you can chew gum or drink water. So you can stop smoking.

Remember, opposition to smoking is better than doing nothing. You are currently the mentor’s custodian. You will slowly loosen your chains in the smoking cessation process. You will be one step closer to freedom in each other’s desire to smoke.

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