How To Make Your Brain Stronger

10 Way of Strengthening Brain

Our today topic is how to make your brain stronger?How To Make Your Brain StrongerWe will talk about how to make your brain stronger?We will share the easy answer of how to make your brain stronger.Brain fitness has two basic principles: diversity and curiosity.

1. Diversity: If anything you do has become a habit, you need to change it. If you can solve puzzles even when you are asleep, you need to switch from one activity to another that will force you to find the best exercise for your brain.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

2. Curiosity: Curiosity about how the world around you, how it works, how you understand it, will enable your brain to function quickly and effectively.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

How To Make Your Brain Stronger

Include the following ideas in your mental fitness research:

1. Games
Games are a great way to keep your brain free and to force it. Sudoku, puzzles and computer games all improve brain speed and memory. These games require logic, vocabulary, mathematics and more. It’s also fun. If you spend a little time each day (around 15 minutes, not hours) it will be more useful for you.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

2. Meditation
Daily meditation is probably the best thing you can do for your mind and your metal health. Meditation does not relieve you, but it also activates your brain. By creating different mental situations, you are connected to your brain in new and interesting ways and you have increased your brain fitness.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

3. Cooking for the Brain
Your brain needs healthy fats. Focus on fish oils, dry nuts and olive oil. Eat more of these foods. Remove saturated fat completely from your diet.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

4. Teaching Good Stories
Stories are a good way to strengthen memory, interpret events, and share moments. Do storytelling exercises, old or new. They’re interesting and funny. When you feel that people are attracted to you, you will be more enthusiastic about telling the story.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

How To Make Your Brain Stronger

5. Turn off the TV
A normal person watches more than four hours a day. Television can stand in front of relationships, life and many other things. Turn off the television, you have more time to live, your body and your mind to work.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

6. Run Your Body to Run Your Brain
Physical exercise is also an excellent exercise for the brain. When you move your body, the brain learns new muscle abilities, calculates distances, and practices balance. Do different sports to force your brain.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

7. Read a Different Thing
Books are portable, free from the library, and filled with an infinite number of interesting characters, knowledge and facts. Get a little out of familiar reading. If you usually read history books, read a modern novel. Foreign authors, read classics. Your brain will work by imagining different time periods, cultures and people, and you will be able to tell others interesting things about what you read at the same time. This will help you to think and help you to connect modern life and words.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

8. Learn a New Skill
Learning a new skill will enable many of your brain to work. Your memory will enter the game, learn new moves, and connect the connections from different paths. Playing a musical instrument, cooking is the first thing that comes to mind.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

9. Make Simple Changes
We love routine. We have people and busy that we can do for hours. But the more habit, the less work the brain does. If you really intend to help your brain stay young, push it. Markete go in a different way, use your other hand to open the door, if you are stirring the tea clockwise, start stirring towards the other side. All of this will allow the brain to wake up from habits and to get attention again.How To Make Your Brain Stronger

10. Run the Brain

Brain work has become a trend. There are courses, internet sites and books for this. They show you how to run your brain faster and better. There are some researches behind these programs, but the basic principle is memory, visualization and reasoning. Working on these concepts every day, make your brain ready to do everything.How To Make Your Brain Stronger



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