How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta

How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta

Today we will tell you how to make tomato sauce for pasta in your own home and eat this delicious recipe with pasta or you can eat it with other fast food items like burger etc . Tomato Sauce make pasta very delicious if we eat pasta without tomato sauce its taste will not good instead of pasta with tomato sauce.Many people like cheese so much they wants to use cheese in their all recipes because they want to eat cheese more and more.There are so many types of cheese mozzarella cheese is a very best product. Once Someone  said, “Blessed are those who keep making homemade fried tomatoes  because your dishes will be more succulent.”Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe.

Alright. This did not say anything  but, well could have done it. Because it is true that, because of lack of time, desire, or because we are more comfortable, and few continue to make this delicious sauce at home. And although there are good quality in the market, none can replace a good homemade fried tomato, which we can also dull and conserve for months.

How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta Ingredients:-

To make this type of sauces, since we put, it is advisable to do in quantity. Then, if we dump it correctly, it can last for months and months.

5 kg of tomatoes. To me, to make this sauce, I like the pear tomato. But you can use whatever you like.

2 medium onions.

2 green peppers

Two or three cloves of garlic

Sugar, if the tomato is sour. Tomato-pear is usually not, but if you use another tomato, you will need this ingredient.

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta Recipe

1.- Finely chop the whole vegetable, except the tomato and, in a casserole or any other long utensil, pour a little oil over medium-low heat. We put all the vegetables at the same time, reserving the tomato.

2.- We add salt and pepper and stir until the vegetables have been cooked a little. About 10 minutes.

3.- It’s time to throw the tomato. Some people like to take away the skin and nuggets. I like to cut it by the knife and throw it as it is. If you do not like nuggets and skin, you remove them. I recommend you not to.

4.- Let the tomato go away cooking. Removing it every time. Another 5-10 minutes.

5.- When the tomato is half undone, it is time to pass the mixer. We grind everything well, so that there are no lumps.

6.- Let it cook on a very slow fire.It is important that it be slow because if you are not going to skip the sauce and you will leave the kitchen for some time. It splashes a lot. Also the tomato burn is very fucking. We cover it, leaving a small opening for it to evaporate.

7.- When you have reduced and evaporated the water that releases the tomato, a minimum hour, put little bit of salt and pepper, and pour sugar if it is very acid. But look at this. Do not throw too much or if the sauce will not be sweet and, this is not what interests us. You can pass it through the passport and it will be thinner.

* How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta how much time only few hours because you will see that this tomato sauce is much better than the one sold in the supermarket.


How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta How To Make Tomato Sauce For Pasta

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