How To Make Pink Sauce

How To Make Pink Sauce For Pasta

How to make pink sauce ?This is  a sauce that comes “to the hair” to seafood and fish. As is often the case in this kitchen, there are several ways to make it, but here we are going to make a very easy, very good result. You can also add it to a paste. The possibilities end where imagination ends. Let’s see the preparation of a pink sauce easy to make.There are so many types of sauces we can easily make them in our home or we can buy them by any supermarket.Sauces makes the taste of all fast foods if we eat fast foods without sauces then we will not enjoy the best taste because sauce is the main part of any fast food.We can also make Italian sauce in our own home.Pink sauce is very famous in every countries but in some countries there is no concept of pink sauce they did not know that  very delicious. We can eat all type of fast food with pink sauce or any other sauce.Sweet potato ale recipe is very easy recipe.

How To Make Pink Sauce Ingredients:-

 100 ml mayonnaise

 1 teaspoon ketchup

How To Make Pink Sauce  Recipe:-

1.- It is as simple as mixing these two ingredients. The ketchup is just to give a touch of color to the sauce. It will also give you that touch of flavor that we want. Although if we want a darker sauce, we can spot with a tad over ketchup. To enrich it, we could add orange juice, lemon and / or brandy.

The easy pink sauce is ideal to serve along with some prawns for example. Although you can put it with what you want like a dog or a hamburger. On one occasion that I had left over from the previous meal, I even put it down to the base of a salmon pizza.

How To Make Pink Sauce How To Make Pink Sauce How To Make Pink Sauce How To Make Pink Sauce


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