How To Make French Toast At Home

How To Make French Toast At Home

How to make french toast at home is a typical recipe of Easter and carnival. Although, you can actually do it at any time of the year. It consists of slices of bread of one or two days, wet in abundant milk or sweet wine, previously flavored with citrus and other spices. It is a very easy recipe to make and it is delicious. Here, we are going to make a recipe of how to make french toast at home with both ingredients.Salad are very good for our health.

Ingredients For About How To Make French Toast At Home:

300 g of special bread for toasts , or of bread of the previous day.
Peel of orange and lemon.
1 cinnamon stick
1/2 sprig of vanilla
1 l of sweet wine or 1 l of milk
2 eggs
Oil for frying
200g of sugar (only if they are milk)
3 tablespoons of sugar and one of cinnamon powder, to put it at the end

How To Make French Toast At Home 

1.- If we are going to make them with wine, 2 days before preparing our how to make french toast at home
we put the wine along with the peels of orange and lemon (without throwing the white part of it) on a bowl. We also add cinnamon and vanilla. We leave to macerate during at least those two days in the refrigerator.
2.- If we make milk, we put the milk in a bowl, next to the same ingredients that we would have thrown if we were to make wine, but also adding 200 g of sugar. We heat the milk with all these ingredients and, just before it breaks to boil (it does not interest the milk to boil, because it picks up an unpleasant taste) we cover the bowl, and let it infusion for at least 2 hours.
3.- Cut the bread into slices. They should have a thickness of 2 or 3cm. We place them on a very
Large, as the furnace source, leaving a small gap between one slice and another.
4.- We put on them the drink that we have chosen, cast to eliminate the peels of citrus, cinnamon and vanilla. We let it rest for about 5 minutes. So that the bread is soaked well and absorbs wine or milk well.
5.- After time, we turn one by one to the slices of bread. So that they also soak through the other side. We left another 5 minutes.
6.- Now, we will pass the toast by beaten egg and fry them. Do it very carefully because the toast will be very soggy and can be undone easily. So one by one, we take them with our hands, we pass them on both sides in beaten egg and fry them in plenty of very hot olive oil. About 1 minute for each of its two faces. Then remove them on absorbent paper.
7.- Finally, when we have fried all the toast and have cooled a little bit, we put three tablespoons of sugar in a plate and a spoonful of cinnamon powder. We mixed it well and then we passed the toast. On both sides.
And we’ll have a toast ready to eat. It is better to eat them completely cold. It is not necessary to refrigerate them to preserve them, and they can last us several days before they spoil but, the truth … Probably much sooner they finish in your stomach or the one of your family!


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